Last night was the premiere of The Perfect Picture in Accra, Ghana.

The Perfect Picture’ is a beautiful and exciting must watch movie starring most of Ghana’s A star actors.

In no particular order: Jackie Appiah, Lydia Forson, Yvonne Okoro, Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku, Adjetey Anang, Chris Attoh, Joselyn Dumas, John Dumelo and more

Africans, especially Ghanaians, Nigerians and those in the Diaspora are very excited about The Return Of The Perfect Picture’.


L-R Jackie Appiah, Shirley Frimpong-Manso, Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku and Lydia Forson at the premiere of ‘The perfect picture 10 years later



‘The official release date is December 14 for Ghana and December 20 for Nigeria. It will also be distributed overseas for international film festivals’

We spoke to some people who confirmed that The perfect picture  movie is on definitely on their must watch movie this Christmas!


L-R Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku, Lydia Forson and Jackie Appiah at the premiere of ‘The perfect picture 10 years later

Who is your favourite character in this movie and why?

Source/Photo Credit: Shirley Frimpong-Manso/SparrowPicturesOfficial


The Perfect Picture is perhaps Ghana’s most popular romantic comedy. Released in 2009, the movie centred around three women in their 30s going through a mid-life crisis and breaking points that would change their lives forever.



Upon the release by Film Director Shirley Frimpong-Manso, it became a huge box office success in Ghana and abroad.

Sparrow Pictures is now taking a huge risk that blew up on the faces of movies like Bridget Jones: a sequel. The company has high hopes as the first movie had cliffhangers that could be expanded into the sequel.

Also, bringing back old memories will intrigue many people. 

It was 2010 when the movie received an Africa Movie Academy Award; however, it was rumoured that there was a disagreement between the three ladies as to who would keep the award.



The announcement of the upcoming sequel was a clear indication that things went back to normal between the stars of The Perfect Picture.

Africans, especially Ghanaians, Nigerians and those in the Diaspora are very excited about The Return Of The Perfect Picture’. 

African Celebs spoke to some people who confirmed that this upcoming movie is on their must watch movie this Christmas!

Our protagonists have aged 10 more years, became more self-aware and contained, but life will still be throwing drama in their directions.

Jackie Appiah, Lydia Forson, and Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku will be reprising their roles as Aseye, Dede, and Akasi respectively.

Other returning actors are Adjetey Anang (Fella), Chris Attoh (Larry), Joselyn Dumas (Flora), John Dumelo (Taylor), and Kwaku Sintim-Misa (Dr Biney).


The sequel’s cast includes fresh names from Ghana and Nollywood such as Richard Mofe-Damijo

The Perfect Picture Returns


Gideon Okeke, Beverly Naya, Raphael Boakye, Gloria Sarfo, and Anita Erskine.

The movie is currently being shot and directed by Shirley Frimpong-Manso and Ken Attoh, who also co-wrote the story.


She is the Founder and CEO of Sparrow Productions.

After graduating from the National Film and Television Institute, she started the company with Ken Attoh.

Her movies focused on portraying Ghanaian women from a different perspective through progressive stories with strong female leads.

Thanks to the success of her movies,  she received the award for the Best Director at the 6th Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Shirley Frimpong-Manso has taken Ghanaian movies on a different positive level. Some of her movies include: Potomanto, Love or something,


Rebecca, Life and Living It, Scorned,A Sting in a Tale, 6 Hours To Christmas,Devil in the Detail, Checkmate,Adams Apples, Potato Potahto,

Picture perfect was not the first collaboration of Manso with the lead actresses. Lydia Forson appeared in many other Sparrow Productions movies like Scorned, Different Shades of Blue (2007) and A Sting In A Tale.

The movie is expected to be premiered on December 1. The premiere will take place at Labadi Beach Hotel.

The official release date is December 14 for Ghana and December 20 for Nigeria. It will also be distributed overseas for international film festivals.

One thing is for sure Shirley Frimpong-Manso never disappoints! We can’t wait!


Credit: Shirley Frimpong-Manso/SparrowPicturesOfficial

jackie-appiah-perfect-picture The perfect picture The perfect picture offers a colorful and humorous insight into a world where everything is as perfect as your life and that of your friends.  

It tells a story of  3 beautiful women who are pushing thirty make bold attempts to change their lives even when destiny plays its joke on them.

With a marriage that seems almost doomed from the beginning, to an affair with an unlikely candidate and the endless pursuit of love, 3 friends will learn the harsh lessons of life, the challenges of marriage, the fatality of falling in love and the rewards of having a good laugh in the mist of sorrow.


The perfect picture is  a Ghanaian movie producer/writer/director Shirley Frimpong-Manso

Are you new to African movies?

 Don’t know which movie/movies to watch?

We recommend movies by Shirley Frimpong-Manso (sparrowproductions)




Credit: Sparrow Productions/Shirley Frimpong-Manso

Wishing A Very Happy Birthday To Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku.

The stunning and gorgeous Ghanaian Actress, Broadcaster, PR Professional and Entrepreneur is a year older today!

Join us in wishing this talented Award Winning star a wonderful birthday! 

It is no surprise that Ghanaian screen sweetheart, Naa Ashorkor Doku Mensah, now Mrs. Adodoaji  emerged the number one Ghanaian celebrity in Google‘s annual “Year in Search” list 2014!

The popular actress and TV host made a courageous decision to try her hands on radio, a career she is currently excelling at since she joined Accra-based radio, Starr 103.5FM.

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Naa Ashorkor



The Adams Apples star, first starred in the movie ‘Scorned‘  she has since  been featured in numerous movies  including Adams Apples, 4 Play, Sinking Sands, Checkmate,Princess Tyra, 6 Hours To Christmas,

Mummy’s Daughter, Love or Something Like That, Tears of Womanhood, The Perfect Picture, Potomanto, A Northern Affair, Phone Swap, Heart of Men,


Did you know The Perfect Picture Movie,10 Years Later starring Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku will starts showing in cinemas in Ghana from 14th December and in Nigeria from 20th December.? 


Don’t forget to add the dates to you calendar !


Credit: Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku,

Goodbye July, Hello August

Welcome to the month of August that signifies love, strength, and beauty. August is the eight amongst the twelve months in our contemporary world calendar. It has 31 days.


For most christians the month of August symbolises Divine Breakthrough, Good Health,  Blessings, New Opportunities 


Perfect picture to use as screensaver this AugustOriginally, it was regarded as the sixth month under the Ancient Roman calendar consisting of ten months, excluding the current months, January and February. Hence it was identified as Sextillius, a Latin word for the position, sixth.  

However, the Gregorian calendar or modern-day calendar involving twelve months, August is the eight month and was named in honour of Roman Emperor, Gaius Octavius Thurinus who was given the title, Augustus Caesar meaning, “the great one” or “the vulnerable one”.  He was the first Roman ruler who served from 27 BC until his demise in AD 14.

Goodbye July, Hello August

Geographically, the month of August is the fall of summer in the northern hemisphere and in the southern hemisphere, it’s the fall of winter. The month is traditionally associated to three birthstones which are, peridot, onyx, and spinel.

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These gemstones are a representation of strength, balance, peace, healing, and protection. They also encourage great passion, dedication and longevity. Therefore, individuals born in the month of August are characterised with most of the features surrounding their birthstones.

Healthy option this new month- August

Its floral representation includes the herbaceous plants poppies and gladiolus which signifies marriage, family, peace and love. The zodiac signs for the month of August are Leo and Virgo. Thus, August 01 to 22 is for the former zodiac sign and from August 23 going is for the latter Zodaic sign.


August is known for the celebration of official and non-official fun event which includes, the national girlfriend’s day, national friendship day, national sister’s day, watermelon day among several others.

Ideal image to use as screensaver for beach lovers this August

Happy new months to you all. Best wishes in this month of love, strength, healing end many more.

Africa is a continent with diverse ethnic and cultural practices and looking at the different ways in which African countries portrays their culture, it’s not surprising that a lot of screenwriters are emerging from the continent to showcase their rich cultures in movies.

This article seeks to unveil 20 African female screenwriters you may know or not know and 2 of their best movies.


Leila Djansi

Leila is a Ghanaian-born American based movie writer, producer and director. She had her Basic and Secondary education at the Kabore Primary and JSS and Mawuli School, all in the Volta region of Ghana


She began her writing skills at the age of 19 when she was convinced by a Ghanaian actor, Sam Odoi who was her role model to write a script on a film titled, “Babina”.

In the course of developing her passion for writing and filmmaking, she continued her education at the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) in Ghana and later relocated to the States to further her Film and Television Degree at Savannah College of Art and Design on a scholarship.

Today she remains one of the best movie writers to emerge from the African continent and projecting the image of Africa through movies. She’s notable for award winning movies such as “Sinking Sands” and “Like Cotton Twines”.


Genevieve Nnaji

Genevieve Nnaji is one of Nigeria’s screen goddess making Nigeria proud with her versatility in the Nigerian movie industry.

As an actress, she sought to raise the banner of Nigeria and Africa at large beyond the African continent through entertainment and arts.

She developed passion for movie making at a very younger age where she starred in “Ripples”, a famous TV series at the time. She officially started acting professionally at age 19.

Photo Credit: Genevieve Nnaji

Today, she can confidently boast of countless roles she has played in Nigeria movies and awards as well.

Climbing to the top of her movie career, she learnt about producing and directing and as a result, she’s been able to write and direct her own movie which is selling massively across the globe. She known for “the Lionheart” movie.

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Chineze Anyaene


Hailing from Abuja, Nigeria, Chineze is a film producer, director and filmmaker who was born on December 28.

She is a graduate of University of Abuja with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre Arts and has also obtained a Master’s Degree in Directing at the New York Film Academy (NYFA), United States.

She promotes African culture through cinematic stories in order to meet the international film market. She’s well known for movies like,” Ije: The Journey” and “20 Years Later”.


Sara Blecher


Sara Blecher a director, a producer and a writer from South Africa. She spent her teen age in the United States where she attended Georgetown University in Washington DC.

After relocated to Paris  she attended a film school then returned to South Africa to put the theories she had learnt into practice.

Her best movies are “Otelo Burning” and “Ayanda”.


Shirley Frimpong -Manso

A multiple award winning female writer in the Ghanaian movie industry. Shirley is a professional writer who tells the African stories in movies.

She is also a producer and a director with a degree from the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) in Ghana.

Photo Credit: Shirley Frimpong-Manso

Her movies seek to empower women and motivate them through the lead roles often taken by women in her movies.

She has written, directed and produced over 10 movies including her best-selling movies, “Potato Potato” (2017), and “Perfect Picture” (2009).


Elaine Proctor

Proctor is a South African actress who doubles as a writer and a film director. She graduated from the National Film and Television School, United Kingdom. She’s known for “Friends” and “On the Wire”.


Wanuri Kahiu

Kahiu is a Kenyan filmmaker who has received several awards for her outstanding works in the movie industry.

As an author, a producer and a director, Kahiu was awarded for the best director, screenplay and best picture by Africa Movie Awards Academy in 2009.

She is a graduate from the university of Warwick, England and the University of California, Los Angeles School of Theatre, Film and Television where she pursued a master of fine arts in production and directing.

She’s best known for the movies, “Pumzi” and “Rafiki”.


Seko Shamte

One of Tanzania’s proud daughter projecting the image of Tanzania through filmmaking is Shamte. She is a producer, writer and a director from Dar es Salaam.

She is the owner of the production company, Alkemist Media established in 2008. The A-Team and Home Coming movies are projects of the writer which garnered huge recognition from the Tanzanian movie industry.


Mariam Naoum

Marian is a writer from Egypt. Most of her works are centred around the challenges women faced socially and economically because she’s famously known as a feminist and social screenwriter.

Mariam studied economics in France but returned to Egypt to further her education in screenwriting. She’s notable for the movies, “Wahed Sefr” (One Nill) and “Segn El Nesa” (Women’s Prison).


Sandra Nashaat

She is also an Egyptian film director, writer and producer famously known for her movies, Mallaki Iskandariya (Private Alexandria, 2005) and Leh Khaletny Ahebak (Why Did You Make Me Love You, 2000). Nashaat graduated from Higher Film Institute in Egypt’s capital, Cairo.


Arsema Worku Tiduneh

Tiduneh works as the General Secretary of the Executive Board of the Ethiopian Film Producers’ Association. Also, she is a movie director, producer and a writer notable for high achieving movies like, “Yigbagn” and “Emnet”.


Nkechi Okoro Carroll

Born in America, Carroll is a black American but her parents hail from Nigeria. Growing up, she stayed in several places including Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, the United Kingdom and the United States.

She is an actress, a producer and a writer with a lot of works in the American movie industry. She is notable for films like, “The Finder” and “Bones”.


Apolline Traoré

A Burkinabe scriptwriter known for her movies, “Kounandi”, (2004) and “Borders”, (2017).

Born in Ouagadougou the capital of Burkina Faso, she had her education in the United States at Emerson college in Boston in the field of art and communication. She returned to her country of birth to begin directing and filmmaking


Kemi Adetiba

She is a Nigerian writer and a television and music video director best known for her movies, the “Wedding Party” and “King of Boys”.

Adetiba Began working as radio presenter and later upgraded to producing and hosting of several shows on TV.


Chika Anadu

Hails from Nigeria, Anadu is a writer and director, known for the movies, “B for Boy” and Ava.

Her movies mostly address issues of gender injustice and cultural pressures surrounding Nigerian traditions. She started working in Television and film production in 2008 after her education from the United Kingdom.


Akosua Adoma Owusu

Adoma is a Ghanain-American writer and a movie producer famously knowns for her movies, “Kwaku Ananse” and “Me Broni Ba”. Her works have been well received in major film festivals around the world.


Moufida Tlatli

Born and raised in Tunisia, Tlatli realised her passion in movies during high school days and was lucky to develop it through her psychology tutor who was managing a movie club.

She travelled to France to continue developing her passion for cinema by enrolling in a French film school known as Institut des hautes études cinématographiques in and completed 1968.

She is also a politician. Her best movies include, The Silences of the Palace and The Season of Men.


Safi Faye

 Faye is a Senegalese filmmaker and director notable for movies like, “Letter from My Village” and “Selbe: One Among Many”. She has directed several documentary and fiction films focusing on rural life in Senegal.


Cheryl Dunye

Born in Liberia, Dunye grew up in Philadelphia, US and obtained a bachelor of arts at the Temple University and master’s degree in fine arts at Rutgers University.

Her work often concerns issues of race, sexuality, and gender, particularly issues relating to black lesbians. Her best movies include, “the Watermelon Woman” and “Stranger Inside”.


Nuotama Bodomo

Bodomo is a Ghanaian born Norwegian writer and director notable for movies like “Random Act of Flyness” and “Afronauts”. She studied film at Columbia University in New York.


Happy birthday to multiple award winning Singer, TV Host and Actress Joselyn Dumas. Join African Celebs in wishing this stunning and gorgeous superstar an awesome Birthday!



Joselyn Dumas is a Ghanaian TV presenter and actress. She was picked as the 2012 face of the Range Rover Evoque in Ghana.



She has starred in over 50 movies, including Perfect Picture, Adams Apples and Á Sting in a Tale and more


Joselyn Dumas has worked in the Ghanaian film and television industry since her return to Ghana. As a television talk show hostess, an actress and an occasional compere (MC)

She produced and presented the popular Ghanaian Entertainment TV Show Rythymz…

Join African Celebs in wishing this stunning superstar an awesome Birthday!

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What is your favourite Joselyn Dumas movie/s? 

Credit: Joselyn Dumas

Congratulations are in order!   Nigerian versatile actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie and husband Odianosen Okojie have welcomed their fourth baby, at the University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center, USA.

Prince Okojie refuted rumours indicating the couple had welcomed their fourth child a couple of weeks ago.

He posted his photos of his wife’s  and their newly born daughter at the maternity ward with scribbles, showing appreciation to the Almighty for blessing them with a beautiful gift and adding the baby’s name, Divine-Mercy Ehinomen Okojie.


He posted, “Every Good and Perfect gift is from God. The wait is finally Over, please share in Our Joy as we announce the arrival of Our Daughter. Divine-Mercy Ehinomen Okojie.”


The couple were both seen in photos showing the baby bump of Mercy on the internet as a means of   sharing the good news to the public.

Fans who had anticipated for long and fellow colleagues of the actress began to share in the joy of the couple, with congratulatory messages under the pictures of his wife and their bouncing baby girl, posted by Mercy’s husband, Prince Okojie.


Both Mercy Johnson Okojie and Divine-Mercy Ehinomen Okojie are doing well!

Credit: Mr & Mrs Okojie


What’s your favourite Mercy Johnson movies?

Inspirational Stories: African Celebrities Who Inspire Us To Dress Better 

Clothes communicate certain hidden elements of your personality. It can be a great starting point of conversation. If you see someone dressed in a way that speaks to you, approach him or her.

Chances are you’ll have a great deal in common.

Your clothes, colours and mannerisms speak volumes about what’s going on inside of you. According to research, when people are happy and secured with themselves they turn to go for bright colours.

We choose our clothes as carefully as we choose our friends. When you step out into the world people make sweeping assumptions and decisions about you quicker than you can say

“Hi” Your clothes communicate trustworthiness and humility and people want to validate in their mind the details.

Above all, Your presence should calm others not prop up fear and unanswered questions.

These celebs (In no particular order) make us all want to step up our dress code GAME. In order words we love their fashion sense!

Stephanie Okereke Linus

Multiple Award-winning Director,  Entrepreneur, stunning and gorgeous Actress

Did you know Stephanie Okereke Linus is one of the celebs who give back?




Award-winning screen diva Joselyn Canfor Dumas is a Ghanaian entertainment powerhouse who rose to prominence after being featured in a film titled Perfect Picture and being headhunted by one of Ghana’s biggest television networks…

Photo credit: Joselyn Dumas

Watch out for Joselyn Dumas’  upcoming show #KeepingItRealwithJoselynDumas

Joselyn Dumas
Joselyn Dumas Photo credit: Joselyn Dumas


Award-winning actress Jackie Appiah is a seasoned actress who started her career at the age of 12 when she starred in the TV series Things We Do for Love.


Photo credit: Jackie Appiah

In addition, she also starred in the hit movie ‘Beyoncé – The President’s Daughter’ alongside prominent Ghanaian actors Van Vicker and Nadia Buari….

Jackie has also graced many magazine covers and billboards, and has won numerous awards including ‘Best Supporting Actress’ at the Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Photo credit: Jackie Appiah




Prince David Osei

Ghanaian Actor and Model who has been on many screens for years now. His movies include, Confessions, Happily Never After, Every Woman Wants Me, Bitter Sugar, Devilish Angel and more.


Photo credit: Prince David Osei actor

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

Photo credit: Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

Award-winning Nollywood Superstar, Amnesty International Activist, founder of Omotola Youth Empowerment Programme, Model, Singer and Director Omotola Jalade Ekeinde aka “Omosexy”….

Photo credit: Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde


Salma Mumin

Photo Credit: Salma Mumin

Salma Mumin is an award-winning Ghanaian Actress, Film maker and Entrepreneur.

Photo Credit: Salma Mumin


The gorgeous and stunning actress has starred in many movies, including Hashtag, Passion and Soul, Seduction and more


Nadia Buari

Photo credit: Nadia Buari

Award-winning Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari starred in the TV series Things We Do for Love and in the hit movie ‘Beyoncé

The President’s Daughter’ alongside prominent Ghanaian actors Van Vicker and Jackie Appiah.

In addition, she has since been featured in various more. Nadia is now concentrating more on raising her adorable twins….

Photo credit: Nadia Buari


Tiwa Savage: Nigerian singer-songwriter
Photo credit: Tiwa Savage
Photo credit: Tiwa Savage
Genevieve Nnaji: Award-winning Nollywood Superstar/Entrepreneur Genevieve Nnaji.
Photo credit: Genevieve Nnaji
Photo credit: Genevieve Nnaji
Photo Credit: Ramsey Nouah

Award-winning Filmmaker/Nollywood actor

Photo credit:Ramsey Nouah
Photo credit: Yvonne Nelson
Photo credit: Yvonne Nelson

The stunning and gorgeous Ghanaian Actress, former Miss Ghana contestant, film producer and entrepreneur is the current tourism ambassador of Ghana

Photo credit: BECCA

Popular Ghanaian singer and actress

Photo credit: Becca

Daniel K Daniel (DKD): 

Photo credit: Daniel K Daniel.

Multiple Award-Winning Actor and Host

Photo credit: Daniel K Daniel



Award-winning film director, producer, writer, founder and CEO of Sparrow Productions Shirley Frimpong-Manso is a year older today!
Join us in wishing this phenomenal, stunning and gorgeous lady an awesome birthday!
Thanks to Shirley Frimpong-Manso, Ghanaian Movies/TV series are now loved and watched worldwide….
We love all Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s Movies and TV Series, some of our favourites includes:
Adams Apple, Love or Something Like That, Perfect Picture, Devil in the Detail, 6 Hours To Christmas, 
Life and Living it, A Sting in a Tale, Peep, Stranger in my Bed, Rebecca, Potomanto…
Did you know Potomanto is on Netflix now?



What’s your favourite Shirley Frimpong-Manso movies/TV Series
Photo credit: Shirley Frimpong-Manso