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DEAR MAMA, I HAVE BROUGHT YOU THE WIG! Inspirational Story By Jerry Obanyero

DEAR MAMA, I HAVE BROUGHT YOU THE WIG! Inspirational Story By Jerry Obanyero

Be Inspired ”DEAR MAMA, I HAVE BROUGHT YOU THE WIG is a real life touching inspirational story,  one of the must read stories especially for the upcoming youth.

Lawyer Jerry Obanyero becoming a lawyer is as a result of the agony and pain his mother went through.

As a little boy, not even a teenager (just 11) he had to accompany his mother to court…Read below in his own words…


Studying a different course at the university and getting a job afterwards, upon completion of my NYSC, did not extinguish my passion of becoming a lawyer.

I resigned from my job, bought a JAMB form and started all over again.

The memories of how my widow mother was taken to court over an offence she absolutely knew nothing about while she was still mourning the death of my late father replayed on my mind always.


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Photo Credit: Jerry Obanyero (OBANS) B.A. LL.B. B.L.


I was only eleven when I had to accompany my mother together with some of her elderly relations to court. Devastated, confused and with no money to hire a lawyer, my mother would cry and I would cry with her.

I would watch the court proceedings from the gallery and wished I could defend the poor and defenseless widow, get her justice and save her from intimidation and embarrasment.

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Anytime the lawyer to the other party rose to speak, my mother would look at me.

She did not have to say anything, I had already caught the fire to become an advocate and the defender of the cause of the poor.

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                Photo Credit: Jerry Obanyero (OBANS) B.A. LL.B. B.L.

After years of toils and several challenges, my journey is complete.

I am pleased on 27th of November 2019, to present to my mother who suffered unjustly, to many like her: the widows, the poor and the defenselss, my humble self as an Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of of Nigeria.”

We Thank Lawyer Jerry Obanyero for allowing us to share his inspiring story with the world! Congrats Again!

Source/Credit: Jerry Obanyero (OBANS) B.A. LL.B. B.L.

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