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FINALLY: Drake and Rihanna Confirmed Their Relationship…

FINALLY: Drake and Rihanna Confirmed Their Relationship…

Finally! We can all breathe and stop counting down! Drake and Rihanna kissed on stage. Is their relationship official or they’re just teasing us?

During his stage performance Drake said QUOTE ‘Miami, you gotta make some noise for Rihanna one more time!

Of course the fans went ballistic or should we say gaga when they kissed on the lips. All we can say is Finally! Wait, hope they not just teasing us.

Rihanna and Drake Kissed on Stage

You will all remember that just few days ago Drake confessed to millions of people on live TV that  QUOTE ”

”The first time I met Robyn Fenty was 2005, 11 years later, we still all know Rihanna as the one and only Rihanna. Rihanna is “most beautiful, talented woman he has ever seen …And when it comes to fashion and style, she makes it seem so effortless until you try to do it yourself….She’s someone I’ve been in love with since I was 22 years old”

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Do you think this is their way of confirming that they are a couple?

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