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10 Things To Do This Summer Besides Watch TV

10 Things To Do This Summer Besides Watch TV

10 Things To Do This Summer Besides Watch T.V.

All right, you lazy bum, it’s time to surgically remove that T.V. remote that has now become a part of your hand and do something else this summer other than watch the boob-tube. There are lots more fun and exciting things you could be doing on a hot, sticky summer….

10. Pick up a good book.
Every summer there are tons of new releases from some of the latest and greatest authors out there. Either scan the website’s of major book sellers like Barnes and Noble or actually go there in person to see what your favorite author is brewing up, or give a new genre a shot like poetry or science fiction…

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9. Go to an amusement park.
Almost everyone is close to an amusement park of some sort, and it doesn’t even have to be a Disney World. You can find out the best-kept secrets in your city by using local website guides…african celebs

8. Check out an art museum or exhibit.
Learn to hang out with the hip and happnin’ crowd by attending the opening of an exhibit at a local art museum or gallery. Openings can be a blast as you sip champaign and nibble on hors d’oeuvre while you intently examine paintings that look like something your six-year-old niece created. For openings and exhibit listings, see the arts and entertainment section of your daily newspaper or use the same local Internet guides mentioned above.

7. Have sex.
Hey, why not? Grab that significant other and in no time you won?t be too concerned with what rerun you’re missing.


6. Go shopping.
What’s better than escaping the heat of a summer afternoon with frivolously spending tons of cash at the local shopping mall? Well, nothing actually.


5. Start a new hobby.
Whether it be beaded jewelry making, crocheting, deep sea diving or playing the acoustic guitar (hi Shaun!), starting a new favorite past time can be loads of fun and will definitely keep you busy throughout the wee hours of the morning…

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4. Check out the latest music.
Summers are usually defined by the music released during its lazy days. Make sure to check out some of the latest albums from bands like the Stone Temple Pilots, P-Square, Sarkodie, Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Beyonce…..just to name a few. Check  Billboard?s website to stay abreast of the latest releases and make sure to check back here at Funky Bitch to read what our inquiring minds have to say about them all…

3. Go to the movies or watch online
Movies can set the tone for this summer’s, especially  action movies, the rest of the season is just as anticipated with movies such as drama, romantic or comedy…any of these can make for a fun night without the hassle of standing in line at the Movie Theatres.

2. Go to a music concert.
Lots of great bands are on tour this summer, including One Direction, Rihanna,  ReggieNBollie, Janet Jackson, Madonna… just to name a few. There’s nothing quite like kicking back to hear live music from your favorite band under the stars at an open-air venue. Now that?s my idea of summer.

1. Get a job.
Honestly, nobody’s about to give you a paycheck for sitting on your ass all day. Get up, hit the pavement and get yourself a job that will give you money to do anything off the rest of this list and will also pay for that giant television bill you’ve wracked up before I came to save you…..

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