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A Woman Appreciates A Man Who…

A Woman Appreciates A Man Who…

What women want: From the beginning of time, women have been primarily attracted to healthy, strong men who could obtain food and protect her from her children.

African CelebsThan hasn’t changed much. But twenty-first-century woman wants something more than her female ancestors: she wants a man who’ll also fulfill her emotional needs. Thus her brain has evolved to look for two opposite requirements – hardness and softness. Hardness means her chosen mate will display virtues that will provide the best possible genetic inheritance for her offspring, and give them a greater chance of survival. For that, she’ll be seeking a john Wayne, Russell Crowe or Bruce Willis kind of tough guy.

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One way this trait can be identified is by a man’s body symmetry; by the way the left side of his body mirrors the right with even-length limbs. This is quite different from the way men view women. They look for symmetrical faces rather than bodies. Yet both sexes see these symmetries as indicative of youthfulness and health, in exactly the same way as symmetrical flowers prove attractiveness to bees because they have more nectar, and symmetrical animals tend to survive longer than non-symmetrical ones.


What Turns Women On?

Women’s sexual responses are triggered visually by certain aspects of the male body. Here they are, in order of priority.

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Women’s Top 10 Turn-ons

  1. Athletic body Shape
  2. Broad shoulders, chest and muscular arms
  3. Small, tight butt
  4. Full Hair
  5. Sensual mouth
  6. Kind eyes
  7. Strong nose and chin
  8. Narrow hips
  9. Flat belly
  10. Large penis
  11. Three-day beard

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A Man’s body symmetry is more important to a woman than his facial symmetry—which is why champion boxers can still often attract beautiful women.


What science shows

Research in the USA has found that attractive men are paid 12-14% more than their less attractive workmates.(Hammermesh and Biddle). The worrying part of all this is that attractive individuals receive more favorable treatment in court, get shorter sentences and lower fines (Castelloe, Wuensh and Moore, 1991 and Downs and Lyons, 1990).

Turn-on 10: Large Penis

The human male has the largest penis of all the primates. For thousands of years the length of a man’s penis has been associated with his perceived power and prowess as a lover, but the power is more in the mind than in the actual organ. Despite the digitally enhanced wedding tackle you can readily see on the Internet, the longest officially recorded penis is 14 inches, and there is no relationship between body size, nose size, show size and penis size. The average male erection is 5.5 inches and most women’s vaginal passage is 3.5 inches long, with most of the sensitivity in the first two inches, ending around the G-Spot. The reality is that a man with a three-inch erection can deliver a more accurate service than a man with a seven-incher, as the shorter one can accurately hit the right spots. Women who appear excited about a long penis are reacting more to the perceived masculine power of the organ than to what length will physically achieve. Women in happy relationship rarely ever think about penis size but, in a bitter breakup, may talk about their former partner being small as a form of revenge.

Evolution has not programmed women to be sexually aroused by the sight of male genitals, which is the opposite of what happens to men. Men’s porn magazines show women with legs fully spread, either standing or lying, with views from the front and the rear, while all attempts to market pornographic images of men to women have failed. Their only success is in attracting a gay male audience.


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What Women Want Long Term

Here are the results from surveys showing what women look for in a man –

What women look for in a man

  1. Personality
  2. Humor
  3. Sensitivity
  4. Brains
  5. Good body

Men have two lists: their first impression list and what they’d seek in a long-term partner, but women only ever have one list. Women want a man to be caring, intelligent, humorous, loyal and understanding, in contrast with the kind of visual assessments men make. If a man has a good body, she sees it as a bonus but –except for one or two days of the month when Russell Crowe tops her list — it usually ranks the lowest on her priorities. Unlike a man, she doesn’t use a man’s appearance and grooming as a measure of how he feels about her. Instead, she measures his love by how he treats her. If a man has a lousy dress sense or starts developing a potbelly, while women may not like it, it’s seldom a major issue. This fundamental difference between men an d women causes much frustration and misunderstanding on both sides. Women need to understand that their appearance is important to a man and that it can be seriously affect their relationship. Men need to learn that a woman measures the depth of their relationship by how he behaves toward her.

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To become a more attractive man, you need to first work on your communication and relationship skills. Colleges and business courses everywhere can teach you how to be a good communicator, how to make friends and influence people and how to develop your sense of humor. As you can see from the list, women love men who can make them laugh. Buy books that show you how women thin and feel.

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