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Foodies from around the world

Foodies from around the world

Check out our ‘foodies’ from around the world… GREAT INGREDIENTS make good food… Do you Agree? What’s your favourite snack..breakfast….dessert and why?

Nachos - Foodies from around the world


Nachos are a Mexican dish from northern Mexico this includes tortilla chips always with cheese and forms part of snacks


An empanada is usually baked or fried pastry with filling of one’s choice either vegetarian option or none vegetarian. Even though empanadas is popular in Latin American, and Philippines it is also very common and popular in Africa especially West African and known as meet pie, veggie pie or fish pie, depending on the fillings.

This type of pastries can be eating as snack or light lunch because it recipe.

cakes -foodie

Who doesn’t  like or love cheesecakes? Cheesecake’s sweetness and texture and smoothness makes if one of the most preferred dessert  for many  people. People like the both the thickness and different types of layers not forgetting how yummy and crunchy it can be.


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