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Gambo’s ‘Boys Aye Wild’ is number 1 on Apple Music’s City Chart for Accra & iTunes

Gambo’s ‘Boys Aye Wild’ is number 1 on Apple Music’s City Chart for Accra & iTunes

The Blackmob rapper currently boasts of the hottest song in Accra, Ghana, and that’s a fact – according to Apple Music’s City Chart for Accra.

It turns out the denizens of Accra could not get enough of Gambo’s ‘Boys Aye Wild’ today, and rightfully so. The fun song beat the odds and ranked at #1 on the city’s Top 25 chart list for the day and iTunes for the first time since its release. Also earning a spot on one of the streaming platform’s big listings for the region, Top Albums, was the artist’s “New Era” EP which stood at #8 to score Gambo yet another exciting feat.

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Gambo outdid the competition and had listeners converging on his song by the bucketload. Regarding his big win today, the ‘Boys Aye Wild’ hitmaker shared: ‘’It was a great feeling to see my song sitting at #1. Seriously. Big ups to Accra for making my day and showing my song that much love. I’m at peace now, knowing my brothers are taking the right steps to treat their women right. Ha-ha. Keep the plays coming through and don’t stop’’.


Introduced in early 2021 by the Cupertino-based tech giant, City Charts is an updated playlist meant to bring local artists to the forefront of the conversation around music discovery, one it achieves by reflecting the musical tastes of listeners in over 100 cities from around the world daily.

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