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Happy Mothers Day….

Happy Mothers Day….

Happy Mother’s Day! Thanks to all the beautiful and amazing mothers out there young and old for your love and sacrifices.


And to all mother’s who have come and gone we remember your sacrifices too. To all future mothers ‘HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, BIG THANK YOU!



Happy Mother's Day



happy mothers day

this in an old torn 1920's book with South African History. by ArtsyBee
mothers day

What are you doing for your mother on this mothers day? For gift ideas please see below some of the things you can give to your mum

  • Our mothers love their African Prints especially ‘Holland’ either  6  or 12 yards would be perfect
  • They love money haha especially pound sterling or dollars

massai-mother and child

  • For the very traditional mother they love it when you tell me you’re pregnant! Especially if they have been torturing for years to give them grand kids


  • They love it when you cook their special meal
  • Most of them are not a big fan of cards nor flowers but you can still add a card to what ever gift you them them


  • A gold or silver chain or bracelet will be a great mothers day gift

mother and baby

  • A nice hand bag
  • A nice scarf


  • Nice gift set will be great! Especially beauty & fragrance gift sets, bundle of towels
  • Nice African decor or painted image of  her in her sunday best will be great….



Happy Mother’s day to our mothers and all the moms of the world….we love and appreciate you….!

May God bless you all!

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