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Helicopter Crashes On Top Of Manhattan Skyscraper

Helicopter Crashes On Top Of Manhattan Skyscraper

Breaking News: Helicopter Crashes On Top Of Manhattan skyscraper.

A chopper has just crashed landed on a to of story building in Manhattan. According to CNN, one person is killed believed to be the pilot.

The unfortunate accident might be because of the bad weather. The authorities are trying to find out if the helicopter was one of the choppers that take photos of the beautiful sceneries or due to difficulty in landing.

Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, said ‘ ”A helicopter landed on the rooftop of the building which caused the fire…”

He added that,  if you’re a New Yorker and hear of such a crush, your mind goes elsewhere ‘however, at this time. Fortunately, there’s no indication, other than a helicopter had to do a hard landing’


The fire service is on site trying to put things in order, the fire. there would be confirmed if there was more than one person on board

Our prayers goes out to the those involved

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