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Hello May 2021 – Happy New Month

Hello May 2021 – Happy New Month

According to the Ancient Roman calendar, names given to the various months are attributed to the significance of various divine entities.

Today, marks the beginning of the month May which is the fifth in the Morden calendar accepted in almost all the parts of the world.

As long as the names of the months are reflected on heavenly creatures, they all have or carry intriguing traits that influences the lives of people especially those that are born in the months.



Here are some interesting the month of may possess.

The name May, was derived from the Latin word “Maius” or “Maia”. Maius was the name of a Greek goddess who sought to the successful growth of plants. It was also during this month that, the Roman Empire celebrated the festival of fertility and chastity attributed to their goddess known as Bon Dea.


Historically, May represented a lot of lovely things and all manner of celebrations took place.

People born in May are said to be highly successful and loved people. Their traditional birthstone is emerald with the colour green. Tаuruѕ and Gеmіnі are the various zodiac signs to represent those born in May.



Talking about its floral representation, Lily of the Valley flowers, which is also referred to as the Mayflower represent the month May.   It represents happiness. purity, good fortune and modesty.

Based on these amazing attributes, Lily of the Valley remains one of the best chosen floral bouquets used during marriages and other important celebrations globally.


In May, workers are also celebrated on the first day for their labour known as “International Workers Day”. It is in the month of May that mothers and women in general are also appreciated.



The celebration of mothers’ day usually falls on every second Sunday of May as “International Mothers’ Day”.


Wishing all and sundry a blissful new month as we successfully journey through the year 2021.

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