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Kidi And Tulsi Kumar’s “Touch It” Remix Released

Kidi And Tulsi Kumar’s “Touch It” Remix Released

Last Saturday, December 17, Ghana’s KiDi and India’sTulsi Kumar launched their much-awaited collaboration “Shut up”.

The title was inspired by the line “shut up and bend down” from KiDi’s popular song “Touch it,” which was released earlier this year. Ms. Kumar posted a photo of herself and KiDi with their index fingers on their lips, as the name of their first collaboration, “Shut up,” suggests.

The song video, released two days ago, earned 7.9 million views on their official YouTube account.


Tulsi Kumar, alias TK, has described the piece as “the ultimate party song to conclude 2022”. The song “Shut up” was co-written by KiDi and Bhringu Parashar, and Adil Shaikh handled the video’s direction.

According to reports, the two musicians’ professional connection started on Instagram and concluded in KiDi traveling to Tulsi’s South Asian nation. News that KiDi’s global mega single “Touch it” has earned a platinum record in India broke in June 2022. Any worldwide hit single that sells more than 120,000 copies deserves a platinum plaque, according to the Indian Music Industry (IMI).

India is now ranked as the world’s 15th-largest music market by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). The Ghanaian artist currently holds the record for having acquired 7.9 million views in only two days..


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Photo Credit: Kidi And Tulsi Kumar


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