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Measles Outbreak: Countries With The Most Reported Measles Cases…

Measles Outbreak: Countries With The Most Reported Measles Cases…

The measles epidemic continues to be spread more and more in the USA. 

According to multiple media outlets,  the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), World Heath Organisation (WHO) in conjunction with the various news agencies, This outbreak is the worst and highest since it was ‘eliminated 25 years ago’

What to watch out for: 

”The first sign of measles is usually a high fever, which begins about 10 to 12 days after exposure to the virus, and lasts 4 to 7 day…” ~WHO

Multiple reports confirm more than 700 people have affected with the virus and about 22 (includes Washington, New York, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Indiana, Michigan, Florida, Connecticut, Tennessee …)

People mainly affected are those not vaccinated. These include children and elderly people. Anti-vaccination groups, for myth or religious reasons are opting out of vaccination….





Read More About Measles Prevention at: Measles @ World Health Organization Website


Credit: WHO/Research/Education


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