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Mr Mageek delivers stellar debut EP ‘The Son of Raphael’

Mr Mageek delivers stellar debut EP ‘The Son of Raphael’

On his debut EP, Ghana-based Nigerian star, Mr Mageek officially reintroduces himself with easy-going concepts, digestible rhyme schemes and a swagger that’s infectiously good. Stream or download Mr Mgaeek’s ‘’The Son of Raphael’’ EP across all major digital platforms.

A personality familiar to fans, Mr Mageek’s quest to establish his brand in West Africa’s busy music scene cannot be understated considering his timely releases which have so far put listeners on hit songs like ‘Otirikonkon’ featuring Ghana’s very own, Gemini, ‘Same People’, ‘Screensaver’ featuring Kesse and recently, ‘Yenti’ (On the Streets). Now ready to take things into the next level, the rapper finally delivers his first corpus and it’s an exciting one.


Dubbed “The Son of Raphael” – which according to the Sabi Boy Entertainment (SBE) honcho pays homage to his father, the stunning new EP comes with 9-tracks and a single collaboration from his label’s signee, Jhuicy. “This one has been long coming and with the year coming to a close, I felt my fans deserved something complete from me. I hope they enjoy it while I look forward to expanding my reach next year”, shared Mr Mageek.There’s some nonchalant songs on offer, such as the EP’s first – ‘Today’, which has Mr Mageek plan how he’d want to spend his birthday; a follow-up song hinging on crazy kinks ‘Gbo Gbo’ and the star simply flexing about doing whatever he wants because ‘Like It or Not’, he can. But aside these light tones, Mr Mageek finds his audience on specials like ‘Daa Daa’ (Call On You) as he captures the frustrations of a confused fella, together with the very dulcet ‘Dangerous Line’ and his EP’s fitting close ‘Try’ – the latter inspiring dream chasers to push on.

Like his most recent release, the rapper calls naysayers out again on their envy with the off-key feel of ‘Sinner Man’ (Hypocrite). But it’s not an all-callous affair, Mr Mageek also presents fans with some emotional fuel on a pair of songs like ‘Ma Bebe’ – one that has him quantify his baby’s good-good and the Spurz Romeo featured tune, ‘Yawa Go Dey’ because special people matter in our lives.

If you’re looking for some new music to lighten up your catalog, Mr Mageek’s “The Son of Raphael” is an EP worth giving a try. It’s light, unconventional and a refreshing trip down the mind of a genius.

EP across all major digital platforms.


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