Myla Dalbesio Plus Size Model Calvin KleinIt’s obvious those skinny – model days are over, Myla Dalbesio US size 10 and UK size 14 (Africa probably size 6) has gone down in history as Calvin Klein’s first “plus -size “model. “Plus-size” really? In Africa she’ll be anything but plus size.

Myla 27, who’s 5f 11 inches tall and hails from Wisconsin says she feels intimidated because she’s a bigger girl. Dalbesio said she’s not the biggest girl on the market but she’s definitely bigger than all the girls Calvin Klein has worked with. Myla dalbesio is the new face of Calvin Klein’s “perfectly fit’ crusade.

However Calvin Klein has never addressed Myla as plus- size.

According to a spokesman for the brand, in response to the sizeable fuss, “perfectly fit” line was created to glorify and cater to the needs of various women.

We think Myla is a ‘normal size’ what do you think?

Photo credit: Calvin Klein


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