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Neymar Denies Rape Accusation: Messages From Alleged Victim

Neymar Denies Rape Accusation: Messages From Alleged Victim

Translated Neymar Rape Messages From Alleged Victim

The Brazilian International football player Neymar, took to his social media platform to not only defend himself but to set the records straight about the alleged rape.


Voice/photo Credit: Neymar

He also added screenshots of the conversion between him and the allegedly victim we have managed to summarise what we can in English.


Neymar Rape Messages Summarised Translation

Neymar what’s up, fake

Lady Photo in bikini
Neymar I believe you (laughs)
Lady ❤️
Neymar really sharp
Lady what about you, are you a fake?
Neymar Im fake too
Lady sure, only in my dreams have l met you
Neymar laughs
Neymar wanted to know more about the dream
Lady will tell you later and also show you, that’s if you like it

Neymar sure, will wait
Lady You’ve been on my thoughts, would like to know more about you. My mind running wild, l want to make you happy.

Neymar asked the lady to go to Paris, she said she would be in Germany around April and would try and drop everything to go there. We presume is Paris

Flirtatious messages going forth and back. The lady tell Neymar about herself and love for him, and also told him what she wants to do with him, cuddling, smelling him and fall asleep on his chest. She later sends videos and begs Neymar not to share (we presume is the video)

Remember all this above is not just one day.

The flirting goes on the lady sent few more photos, some she deleted. Neymar asked she when she was going to visit him. She told him the date and also added that she has been thinking about him whilst watching Netflix and that she was horny.

Another day and the flirting continues, the lady said, she wished she was making love to Neymar and cuddling him.

Excited Neymar, replied he couldn’t wait can’t wait to see her.

The both declare they can’t wait to have each other, Neymar asked the lady if she was coming with a friend or alone. She said she was more than 4 women to please him. Neymar then told her he was asking because he didn’t want her to be bored when he’s off out and about doing his thing.

Messages continues, she can’t wait to give him a massage, kiss him, thinking of him and sends some photos the saucy conversation goes on.

The lady sends another photo making Neymar scream Gods name. 

This is it, date set the lady is on he way there finally! Neymar agrees to arrange for her to be picked up etc

After the lady arrived and told him she wanted to rest a bit. Neymar asked the lady for the location so he could pay the bills. The lady sent the location details to him.

They met, because Neymar sent the lady photos that might have been taken when they where together. The lady seems naked in photos.

Conversations continues and the lady wanted to know when she will see Neymar and wanted him to bring wine.

The lady asked him to get her child who’s a huge fun of Neymar a gift.

The question everyone is asking is, is the lady in question a victim or  extortionist?  This is a very complicated situation, let’s not judge. 

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