Athlete Spotlight:  On Sunday night, referee Clos Gomez  had to stop the game after Ghanaian football player Inaki Williams was racially abused by fans of Sporting Gijon.

Inaki Williams was subjected to the disgraceful chants, the game was therefore stopped for sometime because the chants directed at Williams.

The 22-year-old was targeted by the north end supporters at the Estadio El Molinon with the loud ugly money chants.

Williams, whose father is from Ghana but born in Spain, was clearly affected by the chants and the referee intervened by stopping the game.

Iñaki Williams

“We want to continue being very proactive and Sporting will always root out any type of racist behaviour.. visit for more

This is 2016 yet racists get away….

Photo credit:  via Iñaki Williams’ Facebook


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