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Shabani revitalises Reggae with new EP ‘Road Mann Tape’

Shabani revitalises Reggae with new EP ‘Road Mann Tape’

 In an era where Afrobeat and Dancehall rule the airwaves, Shabani dials fans back to the classic genre of reggae. ‘’Road Mann Tape’’ is available on all digital streaming platforms globally

Dubbed ‘’Road Mann Tape’’, Shabani’s refreshing new effort packs 5 new songs and no guest features, giving the act much room to show off his full musical wits.
Unveiled today alongside a music video for its lead single and opener, ‘Road Mann’, the EP boasts of some goodies – ‘Bad Bars (Cypher 4)’ being one of them. Relatively short, it offers fans a slice of Shabani in freestyle mode, and fits in smoothly as the project’s fiery interlude. 
‘No Sir’ is up there with the greats too, hosting a sweet hook and flow that come off as very spiritual when paired with Shabani’s chilling tone. Then there’s ‘Relevant Badness’, the finest and last of the bunch. It’s theme of deceit and the energy at play converge to give ‘Road Mann Tape’ a satisfactory end.

From ‘Road Mann’ to ‘Relevant Badness’, Shabani’s versatility and vocals are no slouch. His very concise, but well-done project is a straightforward attempt sure to go unnoticed by lovers of the genre.
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