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Sophie Alakija Stuns The December Edition Of The Fruit Tree Magazine…

Sophie Alakija Stuns The December Edition Of The Fruit Tree Magazine…

Exclusive interview with Sophie Alakija  in the December edition of The Fruit Tree Magazine

The Fruit Tree: Briefly tell us all you can about yourself and what you do for a living?

Sophie Alakija: My name is Sophie Alakija, I’m a wife and mother. I act for a living. 


The Fruit Tree: Tell us a bit about your childhood and growing up in Lagos.

Sophie Alakija: My childhood was fun because I have a lot of siblings so we had activities most of the time, didn’t have a lot of friends so it was just us against the world. Growing up in Lagos was quite an experience, almost everyone on the street yelling ‘oyinbo’ as we walked by which was pretty embarrassing but I got over it as I got older. 

The Fruit Tree: We know you can dance and act, what other talents or skill do you poses?

Sophie Alakija: I don’t dance so much anymore so it’s just acting basically. I really enjoy cooking but wouldn’t consider it a talent. 

The Fruit Tree:Describe your personality, how would your friends describe you?

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Sophie Alakija: Honestly, I’m still finding myself. What I can say so far is I have an amazing sense of humor and those that really know me see me as sweet, humble,fun loving, crazy, weird… Read full exclusive interview at:

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Photography by Ellis Mbeku for EMSTUDIOSng

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