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Stephanie Linus Takes Fistula Awareness Campaign To Maiduguri

Stephanie Linus Takes Fistula Awareness Campaign To Maiduguri

Stephanie Linus has once again demonstrated an unrelenting fight against fistula and child marriage with her recent fistula awareness campaign in Maiduguri, Borno State.


Using her award-winning movie – DRY as a tool to educate young girls and women, the actress pushed forward her message for fistula prevention and child rights protection.

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Obstetric fistula is a severe condition that has devastating consequences for women and young girls.

It is prevalent in poor countries, communities with high number of child brides and among women who give birth without access to medical help.

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If a woman’s labor becomes obstructed, she could remain in excruciating pain for days before her baby is finally dislodged.

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Her baby likely dies, and she is often left with an obstetric fistula, a small hole created by constant pressure from the foetus, which renders her incontinent. 

A woman with fistula constantly leaks urine, feaces or both. 

Filmmaker & Entrepreneur, Nollywood Actress, Multi-Brand Ambassador and human rights advocate Stephanie’s goal is to eradicate fistula in Africa.

The program was supported by the UNFPA, where Ms. Linus serves as Regional Ambassador for Maternal Health in West and Central Africa.

Source: Adeola Adeyemo | Stephanie Linus
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