Offensive outbursts of riot and violence caught SA in the wake of a fresh xenophobic attack on fellow Africans ‘foreigners’ in the country.

The economic immigrants were given the shock of their lives when some hoodlums raided, looted, and burnt foreigners businesses over a glaringly wrong believe that the foreigners are responsible for their unemployment.

The mob soon took another form as foreigners were brutally attacked, many injured and some painfully murdered in cold blood.

South Africans targeted Nigerians only, for their ill-dealings and exceptional service delivery compared with the citizens on their soil.

This eventually led to a riot in Nigeria as Nigerian youths, in reprisal to the unconfirmed rumor, took to the street and also targeted South African businesses in Nigeria.

Two prominent Nigerian music personalities, Tiwa Savage and Burna Boy have cancelled their event in SA.


Notably, Nigerians youths looted one of the top-rated chain stores in Africa, Shoprite, renowned telecommunication, MTN, a resourceful financial institution, Stanbic Bank PLC. and an apparel store, PEP.



Regrettably, xenophobia has claimed many lives of economic immigrants. 

This didn’t go without reactions from other African countries such as Zambia. The Zambia football federation out-rightly boycotted their pre-scheduled friendly match against South Africa in an attempt to express their grievances towards the avoidable loss of lives of fellow African citizens in the country. 

Everyone is asking the South Africa authorities are not doing more to stop act of inhumanity to their fellow Africans! 




President Ramaphosa’s  attempt to attract investors to help improve on the crashing economy of his country, are likely to be challenged with if they decide to invest in SA as foreigners. 

South Africa has suffered many attacks in the form of xenophobia. However, none has been as threatening as this recent one. 

This time, African nations are furious about it, and many Africans have registered for their safe return to their beloved countries. What will this mean for South Africa if it continues? Investors will be reduced drastically.

Unemployment will be alarmingly high, hardship, and subsequently, violence will be rampant, and the GDP will suffer. The height of capitalism is imperialism which in-turn fuels barbarism. African workers will unite!

The frustrated citizens of South Africa got their fight all wrong. 

Xenophobia - South Africa
South Africa Xenophobia MUST STOP!

African foreigners impacted less than a percent of their economy. Therefore, small retail shops run by them cannot be the basis for the citizen’s unemployment.

They need to think deep and channel their frustrations towards the right cause. We hope South Africa can live past this and proudly raise her flag once again.


All we can say is if you’ve got it, flaunt it! Has anyone seen Naomi Campbell’s latest photos for July 2019 British Vogue? If you haven’t stop everything and head straight to the stunning and gorgeous supermodel’s Instagram page.

We’re not kidding you, some of us went straight to the gym 🏃‍♀️  🏃  We know they say black don’t crack! But Wow!  She never puts on weight nor age. The question is, what’s her secret? 


Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell is a renowned British model, activist, and a gifted businesswoman of all time. She is known as one of the top 6 models ever birthed in the fashion industry in the late 80s and early 90s as one of the most sought after models across the globe.

Worldwide, Naomi Campbell is seen as the face of the fashion industry.

Her rise to prominence didn’t come un-shattered by racial discrimination, however, her self-determination,  is helping her. In addition she uses her voice to address the issue when ever necessary.

Giving back

Naomi love the continent and the Continents loves her more. its her goal that there will be Vogue Africa. She believes the time is now.

These days she spends most of her time travelling to different African Countries like Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria Tanzania, Ethiopia, Botswana and  more.

She’s taking a remarkable interest in African development and is very committed. she is also inspired by the hospitality in Africa as well.


In 1994, she was one of the judges of the prestigious contest that unites the universe, Miss World in South Africa, she had the opportunity to meet with the then President Mandela, and since then on, the relationship of a grandfather-granddaughter began.

The demise of the ‘Father of Africa” wasn’t easy for Naomi as she thought her foster “grandfather” was an “immortal” according to her.

Now 49, the beautiful black woman has walked the catwalk for top designers such as Gianni Versace, Azzedine Alaia, Isaac Mizrahi, Vouge amongst others.



She spends most of her using her skills and knowledge in improving the fashion industry in Africa. Naomi Campbell has been introducing some of the top designers in the USA to what the continent has to offer

She believes businesses should not see Africa as a place of just  for ‘profit’ and that they should be committed to the continent.

Keep up the great work!

Source/ Naomi Campbell

African Energy Group will bring the continent’s leaders together in an effort to build public-private partnerships, leverage political support and mobilize funds for sustainable energy and development. Created by a working group of African leaders including billionaires Elumelu, Aliko Dangote; Donald Kaberuka, President of the African Development Bank; Prime Minister Daniel Duncan of Ivory Coast; and President John Mahama of Ghana, AELG’s mission takes the form of three pillars—driving universal access, driving efficiency and driving renewables.

African billionaires join together to launch African Energy Group

Speaking at a high profile panel on energy at the 2015 annual meeting for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland,  Nigerian billionaire Tony Elumelu emphasized the key priority for 2015 for Africa as “policy, policy, policy

Nigerian billionaire and philanthropist Tony Elumelu is among the group launching the African Energy Leaders Group (AELG), a multi-stakeholder advocacy group that aims to address Africa’s power deficiency—the continent has approximately 620 million people without electricity.

Elumelu said, “Investors in this space are rational. The risks are huge; the capital requirements are equally huge. If you want to invest in this space, you have to first survey the environment beyond economics; policy, stability, enforceability of rules, the nature of the regulatory framework. If the right policies are in place, investors and financiers will be encouraged to invest.”

“Currently, every single African country is experiencing energy shortages and power outages. This costs the continent 2 percent of its GDP,” said Kaberuka. “We are a continent of miracles; if we are growing at 5 percent without enough electricity, think of what the continent could do with enough electricity.”

Kaberuka also added that the African Development Bank does $5 billion of infrastructure per year; half of that investment is ear-marked for energy, in both the private and public sectors…

Source: Forbes


MTV ShugaShuga is a television soap opera based in Nairobi, Kenya. Shuga follows the lives of a vibrant group of students whose love for fun and adventure leads them places they’ve never dreamt of threading and into situations they’d rather not be in.  Oscar award winning Lupita Nyong’o starred in Shuga…

Shuga is a big hit in Africa and is aired in 40 different African countries

Enjoy this intense TV series on Relationships, Love, Sex, Money…

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