Congratulations are in order!

Rwandan president Paul Kagame took to his social media handle expressing his joy as he welcomes his grandchild and congratulated the his daughter Ange Kagame and hubby.

The president confirmed in a tweet that his family has been in a joyous moment because his daughter has given him the chance to be officially called a grandpa. 

The post has attracted a lot of exciting reactions on various social media pages by Rwandans, celebrities, fans and friends around the world. congratulatory messages have been poured on the social media pages of the couple as well.

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Ange Kagame, the second child and only daughter, of the president has welcomed her first child with his husband exactly a year after their marriage.

Ange Kagame is married

Ange and her husband, Bertrand Ndengeyingoma got married last year in the month of July. The couple’s church marriage took place in a private ceremony at the Intare Conference Arena in Kabuki Rwanda.


Photo Credit: Ange Kagame | President Paul Kagame


Ange Ingabire Kagame (25), the only daughter of the President of Rwanda Paul Kagame, is one of the most influential young women in her country and Africa.

That’s why; all eyes were on her wedding that was held last Saturday. Kagame married to the Rwandan architect Bertrand Ndengeyingoma (26) in a private wedding ceremony in Kigali.

The wedding was held at Kigali Convention Centre and Raddison Blu Hotel in Kigali. The guest list consisted of family members and close friends.

Photos from the wedding have recently been published and are trending on social media at the moment.


The bride and the groom have many pictures while walking down the aisle. They were accompanied by Paul Kagame and his wife, who were both proud and emotional.

Ange initially introduced Ndengeyingoma to her family in 2017 December. In 2018, a traditional religious wedding ceremony, Gusaba  was organized for the couple.

The very exclusive ceremony took place in the President’s home in a remote location in Ntebe.


Rumors were claiming that Paul Kagame initially did not approve the relationship and even refused to set an official wedding date; however, these claims were never proven right.

Ange Kagame, who has a smile from ear to ear in the wedding pictures, tweeted shortly after the wedding:

“I have found the one whom my soul loves- Songs of Solomon 3:4”.

Judging from their academic and professional lives, it is safe to say that they are intellectually a perfect match.

Born in Brussels/ Belgium in September 1993, Ange Kagame spent her childhood in Europe and the US to complete her education at top schools.

She also attended high school at Dana Hall School in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

she completed her undergraduate degree at Smith College – a private liberal arts college where the undergraduate programs are only open to women.

In addition, she studied Political Science and African Studies. For her master’s degree, she studied International Affairs at Columbia University.

Ever since her graduation, she has been organizing campaigns across Africa to provide solutions for poverty and illness while also raising awareness for women’s empowerment and the importance of education.

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In 2015, she organized visits to textile factories in Rwanda to meet the female manufacturers and inform them about their rights at the workplace as well as future career plans.

In 2014, Ange Kagame made a public appearance at the White House with her father.

They were the guests of former President Barack Obama, who was hosting the United States – Africa Leaders Summit to discuss issues related to investment and security in Africa.


Bertrand Ndengeyingoma

Bertrand Ndengeyingoma is just as qualified as his new wife. His passion for architecture started at the Belgian School of Kigali, where he attended for thirteen years.

After that, he completed his bachelors and master’s degrees at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in architecture.

He is currently doing his Ph.D. at the London School of Economics while simultaneously working with the Bank of Rwanda.

We wish the happy couple an a HUGE Congratulations🎊🎊. The most beautiful Tallest couple in Africa