Bertin NahumMeet Sénégal born Bertin Nahum, CEO of Medtech and the creator of ROSA, a robot that helps surgeons performs brain surgery. This invention, used in hospital around the world, made him the 4TH most revolutionary high-tech entrepreneurs in the world; after Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and James Cameron! He is also the CEO of Medtech, a French company which specialize in robotic surgical assistant…

“At the end of my studies, I took part in the design of software capable of detecting brain injuries automatically using scanners. This feeling of usefulness gave me the desire to dedicate my career to patients, but on the technician side, through the creation of robots that could assist surgeons with their operations’ Bertin Nahum Continue here

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Audu-MaikoriAudu Maikori (born 13 August 1975, Kaduna) is a Nigerian lawyer,entrepreneur, social activist, poet and founder/CEO of Chocolate City Entertainment, and is well known in Nigeria as a former Idol series. He worked as a legal consultant holding a variety of legal positions before founding Chocolate City in 2005. He signed M.I Abaga touted as one of the Africa’s biggest Hip hop icon in 2006 and profited from the success of other artists he signed.

Maikori’s Chocolate City is regarded at one of the biggest and most successful hip hop labels in Africa, helping to guide the careers of several artists including Asa, Djinee, MI, Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince, Nosa, Brymo etc.

A multi award winning entrepreneur and creative industry specialist, Audu soon took off the role of social activism by funding and participating in a variety of youth empowerment projects. Audu was a key member of the Enough is Enough rally in 2010 in which he had a face off with Nigerian military police, when he refused to back down when a rifle was pointed at him in a bid to stop him from leading the peaceful protest to the gates of the National Assembly.

Maikori is also a much sought-after public speaker and has travelled widely to speak on the creative entrepreneurship. In 2013, [Massachusetts Institute of Technology] selected him to speak at their annual Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship event in Boston, USA.

Happy Birthday to An award winning  lawyer Audu Maikori  !

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Wendy Luhabe’s 10 years of service was honoured on 11 July at royal award ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

South African entrepreneur Luhabe told of small talk with Prince Charles and the beautiful classical music that went with it as she recounted her investiture at the London palace.  Luhabe was honoured by the British Royal Family with an award, Honorary Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order, for her 10 years of service with the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.  Luhabe reminisced of how she waited with 100 other recipients of the award at Buckingham Palace. She was called up, after the knighthoods had been given, to receive her award from Prince Charles in the Throne Room at the palace in a ceremony that lasted an hour.

“We talked about how long I had carried out work for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards and he also wanted to know if I was living in England or South Africa,” said Luhabe.  “It was a very quiet and dignified affair and what I remember well was the beautiful classical music that was playing throughout.”  Luhabe’s successful path began while attending secondary school in Cradock, in Eastern Cape, thanks to inspiration from teacher Matthew Goniwe, a political activist who was murdered by security forces in 1985 and later known as one of the South Africa’s “Cradock Four”.  Goniwe encouraged the 12-year-old Luhabe to debate and it spurred her on to study at Fort Hare University, followed by some time at a university in Lesotho. After a stint in the corporate world, Luhabe became an entrepreneur, making her name in the early 90s with a women’s investment company called WIPHOLD.   Wendy Luhabe a beacon for African entrepreneurs CNBC Africa’s Chris Bishop speaks to South African entrepreneur Wendy Luhabe about the moments before the investiture. The veteran entrepreneur told CNBC Africa that little was expected of her when she was growing up in apartheid South Africa.  “You were expected to get married and then maybe become a nurse or a teacher, if you were lucky.”  Nevertheless, Luhabe forged on.  Among her many initiatives, she has a social entrepreneurship programmed based in South Africa that helps thousands of people earn a living by baking bread.   “I want to be remembered as someone who touched lives, made a difference and gave back to society.”

Source:CNBC Africa

founder of Nigeria's first private online university, Gossy UkanwokeMeet Gossy Ukanwoke, at age 23, the young entrepreneur founded Beni American University (BAU), Nigeria’s first private online university. Launched in late 2012, the school allows students to access their classes at any time of the day with any internet-enabled device. “There was a need for a new institution to be created in Nigeria,” adds Ukanwoke, who was once described by Forbes as “Nigeria’s Mark Zuckerberg.” Now, some 18 months into his new business endeavor, Ukanwoke has hired 10 instructors and has about 200 students, with an average age of 26. But the startup’s journey so far has not been without challenges. Nigerian laws require universities to have a physical campus so last year Ukanwoke went and bought land in the country’s Benue State with the goal to build a private campus that could accommodate some 10,000 students The project is expected to launch next year. “I grew up within the framework where education was put at a very high level of importance, and entrepreneurship is something that I always wanted to do,” he says: Read more here. 

Meet Maya Penn, a vibrant force of nature. She’s an entrepreneur, philanthropist, fashion designer, animator, blogger, writer and illustrator.


She runs a budding eco-friendly fashion business and a nonprofit for environmental awareness, and her mind churns constantly with new creative projects. 


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ludwick-marishane-drybathMeet Ludwick Marishane, a 23 year-old entrepreneur from South Africa inventor of DryBath, a clear topical gel applied to the skin that yields the same result as soap and water. Ludwick tells the amazing, funny story of how he invented a cheap, clean and convenient solution for never having to take a bath again. Ludwick explains how difficult it was for him to find enough water in the town where he lived to be able to bathe. This inspired him to create “DryBath” , a water-less bathing lotion: watch Ludwick Marishane  tell his story here.

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Sandra Ankobiah is a Ghanaian celebrity whose star has been rising day by day. She is one of those celebrities who try out different fields of media and gain success in all of them.

Ankobiah was born in 1983 and bred in Accra in a family with three other siblings. She went to London in 2005 to study International and Commercial Law at the University of Buckingham. She pursued higher education at the Ghana School of Law and graduated in 2012. A year later, she attained a degree as a Barrister at Law.

Lawyer, TV host, Philanthropist And Entrepreneur

After completing her education, she took a break from her career and started to enroll in modeling projects. She already had a fair amount of fame due to her participation in Miss Ghana Beauty Contest in 2002. Then, she founded the TV production company called Emerald Paradise Enterprise as well as SN Media Learning Tree for media training.

It was perhaps her philanthropic work that made her stand out. She worked as a coordinator at The Legal Advocacy Foundation to educate citizens about legal rights and the constitution. She also took part in developing women’s football in the country.


She became the Ministry of Youth and Sports and organised many events to raise funds for football training for women. Working with the president Nana Akudo Addo, she organised fund-raising events for schools in rural areas.

She is extremely sensitive about women rights in Ghana. She organised and joined many summits in Ghana and around the world.

For instance, she was part of the organization team of Ghana’s Tertiary Women’s Network to discuss business opportunities for women in corporate.

She also regularly attended talks in Ghana Institute of Journalism to discuss the struggles women face in work-life and to encourage female students to seek career options.

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She also made strict remarks against the maternity leave system in Ghana, claiming that three months of leave is simply not enough for a mother. In April 2019, she admitted to having experience sexist behavior at workplace as a lawyer.

It is hard to blame her, especially when you look at how media is out there to track the female celebrities and violate their privacy. For instance, she was captured during a vacation and criticised for gaining a lot of curvature on her body, which implied that she was undergoing liposuction, which wasn’t true.

She denied the claims and stated that she just gained weight in a healthy way by exercising regularly. Nevertheless, the fact that a female celebrity owes an explanation every time her body goes through changes proves her point.

She has been ranked among the top 100 Most Influential Women in Ghana. She’s one of the Celebrities who inspire us all.


Join us in wishing this beauty with brains an amazing birthday 🎁 🍰 


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