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Tech Spotlight: Bertin Nahum Founder of Medtech Surgical …

Tech Spotlight: Bertin Nahum Founder of Medtech Surgical …

Bertin NahumMeet Sénégal born Bertin Nahum, CEO of Medtech and the creator of ROSA, a robot that helps surgeons performs brain surgery. This invention, used in hospital around the world, made him the 4TH most revolutionary high-tech entrepreneurs in the world; after Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and James Cameron! He is also the CEO of Medtech, a French company which specialize in robotic surgical assistant…

“At the end of my studies, I took part in the design of software capable of detecting brain injuries automatically using scanners. This feeling of usefulness gave me the desire to dedicate my career to patients, but on the technician side, through the creation of robots that could assist surgeons with their operations’ Bertin Nahum Continue here

Bravo Bertin, Nous Sommes Très Fiers De Toi !



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