Lake Retba is pink because of its high mineral content that generates a chemical reaction with the high salt content and because it has so much salt, everything on the water floats. It’s a great place to teach people to swim because you will not sink. Retba can change to a violet or mauve color after the sun goes down.

Surprisingly just a few yards from the salty lake is pure fresh water where fish and frogs happily swim around in the fresh water – not affected at all by the salty lake nearby.
There are 8 Pink Lakes in the world!

Some of the other Pink Lakes include:  Hutt Lagoon (Australia), Pink Lake (Australia), Lake Hillier (Australia), Salina de Torrevieja (Spain), Dusty Rose Lake (Canada), Masazirgol or Masazir Lake (Azerbaijan) and Quairading Pink Lake (Australia)

Photo Credit:  Education/Research

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