Following the success of her song ‘Rara’ which featured Ayisi, Tinuke is in with new music and a sparkle bound to get a grip on drifting listeners this week. Stream or download ‘Waiting’ across all major digital platforms.

‘Waiting’, as Tinuke titles it is a butter-smooth Afrobeat melody which has the wavering act subtly alternate between her rap and singing tendencies to add some much-needed tenor to the solo release. Like some previous releases from the ‘Rara’ crooner, ‘Waiting’ runs on Tinuke’s now coherent theme of expressing love and appreciation for the special people in our lives, but more precisely in a context of self this time around:

‘’As a dark-skinned West African woman myself, this song is really about self-love and appreciating all the things about yourself. It’s a reminder that you are unique and have every right to be loved just the way you are’’, Tinuke shared.

Tinuke’s new single ‘Waiting’ is big on self-love and worth


‘’How did ‘Waiting’ come together? So, I was in the studio for some work one time and I heard the beat in the backdrop. Right away I was inspired and slowly caught on with some lyrics – the same ones that made the final song, because they were based on how I was feeling at the time and my experiences from a relationship’’.

There’s a lot of heart felt in the very relaxed Kuvie production, one that doesn’t trade-off Tinuke’s frame of mind and resourcefulness for rhythm. ‘Waiting’ is a great song to wind down to.


download ‘Waiting’ across all major digital platforms here:

Jhuicy, Spurz Romeo and Mr Mageek collaborate to turn their romantic woes into a restorative and soothing song titled ‘Mabr3’ (I Don Tire).

Done atop a Keylex production, ‘Mabr3’ (I Don Tire)’ is graced with a drab piano interlude which perfectly assumes its mood right from the start.

The emotive tune has Jhuicy, Spurz Romeo and Mr Mageek vent some frustrations that spring from a relationship on the rocks, amid a hook centered on unapologetically moving on from unrequited love.

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This 3-minute song comes off as a well-done Ghana-Nigeria collaboration and as such bears a warmth listeners are sure to drift to.

The voices involved also do a good job in adding a layer of emotional depth to the song, one sure to resonate with audiences per its melodic and lyrical value.

The ‘Juju’ crooner is enroute to better things and with her eye-popping visuals for the said single still fresh on the minds of many, ‘Mabr3’ (I Don Tire) has a solid foundation for Jhuicy’s fame to build on.

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Sarkodie has released a high-grade tune as part of his birthday celebration. The 2 minutes, 44 seconds’ music video which was released on the rappers YouTube channel on his birthday eve features American rapper E-40.

In less than 24 hrs the music video was premiered yesterday, it received over 180k views!

CEO Flow, Sarkodie described himself as the Greatest of all time (G.O.A.T) and telling the world that despite all the sabotage he’s been facing, he is still the best of all in the music industry.

He also revealed that he has been relevant in the music industry for over 17years as a result he continues to be the only artiste with a huge and growing fan base because he’s the boss rapper.

Another verse in the video talks about how he has been able to achieved a lot financially and the numerous awards he has won from his rap music.

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Having E-40 on the tune, the legendary American songwriter, rapper and actor climaxed the music with a top-notch verse. The visuals have sparked various reactions from hip hop music lovers and fans all over.

E-40 has been in the entertainment industry since 1986. He’s well-known for the formulation of a hip hop group known as The Click and his record label, Sick with It in the United States.

The ace rapper has worked on a lot of projects and has over twenty-five studio-recording albums in his possession for about 34years into the industry.

Moreover, E-40 has worked with other American great rappers including the members of his rap group on a number of projects such as Down and Dirty, Money and Muscle, Game Related, Connected and Respected etc.

He has also played an incredible role in the American movie industry. As an actor, he has starred in movies like, The Breaks, Hair Show, Obstacles, Malibooty, 3 Strikes and a lot more.



“Okay” is the moving debut single from stand out singer Ava Renè, featuring intense, haunting vocals and super slick production.
Ava Rene’s first single can be found on all digital platforms, ENJOY the video below!

 The song is deeply personal, but conveys a highly relatable message. It describes the realisation that though loss is painful, you can cope with it and you will inevitably become stronger through the experience.
“I was having a conversation about my father passing away, but didn’t want to come to terms with how I felt openly. But I realized that each one of us experiences downfalls and disappointments and it was important for me to accept what I felt in that moment to help myself move forward”. Ava Rene