Exclusive interview with Uche Nwaefuna in the August edition of The Fruit Tree Magazine

Uche Nwaefuna shares a remarkable story of herself, life’s obstacles and some of the challenges she has faced in her quest for success. Her story proves that strength does comes from within. We will only prevail when we summon the courage to endure and forge ahead even when situations seem very unyielding and hopeless. Success will always show up anywhere passion thrives….

Uche Nwaefuna The August Edition Of The Fruit Tree Magazine…

The Fruit Tree: Briefly tell us all you can about yourself and what you do for a living?

Uche Nwaefuna: My name is Uche Nwaefuna…I’m from Delta state… I’m a young enterprising lady. I am very passionate about arts and the entertainment industry of Nigeria and I’m very much involved as an Actor. I try my best to indulge in things that will expand my knowledge in the field that I’m in and in other fields …Read Full Interview at: www.emstudiosng.com


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Photography by Ellis Mbeku for EMSTUDIOSng

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