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UN To Send Two Experts To Investigate Albino Killings…

UN To Send Two Experts To Investigate Albino Killings…

Say NO to discrimination

President Peter Mutharika of Malawi Albinos announced today, 15th March 2019 that, United Nations will send 2 experts to Malawi in the next 2 weeks to investigate the brutal attacks and killings of people with albinism in the country.

The President wants the abductions and killings of albinos to end.

“I’d like to announce that the United Nations is sending two experts to investigate the killings of people with albinism to establish who are the people involved in these evil acts and where the market, if there’s any, is located,” ~ Mutharika

Mutharika’s announcement came as a result of criticism from Malawians, the opposition parties as well as the international organizations about his inability to put an end to the brutal killings.

The rate at which people with albinism are killed and abducted is becoming overwhelming, they are constantly been killed or going missing in Malawi.

In 2014,  a cry for help in ending the atrocities to people with albinism in Malawi has come to light. 

The United Nations (UN) wants the ‘ongoing atrocities’ against people with albinism in Malawi to end.

”Ritual killings and egregious human rights violations of the worst kind are instigated specifically against persons with albinism”~ ­UN experts

Perpetrators of this heinous crime believe that, body parts of albinos bring wealth, riches, good omen. 

Their body parts are used in witchcraft rituals, even though many traditional healers have been arrested it does not deter them 

There’s also the stereotype that having sex with an albino could cure people of serioous deceases like   HIV. 

Folklore and myths differ from one country to other African as to why people with albinism are tortured.

We hope this superstition comes to an end sooner than later through education.

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Malawi is not the only African country affected by this horrific abduction and killings, neighbouring countries such as Tanzania, South Africa and Mozambique have also similar problem.

An Albino father and son in Ukerewe, Tanzania. Albinism is a congenital disorder characterised in humans by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes.


Are you an albino? Do have any stories you would like us to share for your? Please let us know.


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