”A Grandmother always thinks about her grandchildren day and night even they are not with her and will love them in a way they will never understand”  A very inspirational story depicting a grandmother’s selfless determination, sacrifice, toil and love for her grandson.
Not only are we proud of Tony’s grandmother, we’re also very proud of this young man Tony! Who is very grateful and proud of what his grandmother and parents have done for him.
He posted the photo above (at his graduation – MBA in Sociology) with his lovely grandmother. (Tony’s grandmother sold fruits to pay for his education) we hope they upcoming youth will learn from his good example! … 
‘All thanks to God for affording her and my parents wisdom and understanding. And for affording me wisdom and determination’ Tony Nyundu
Thanks for posting such an inspiring photo and story, we hope by sharing your story will inspire the world!
Photo credit:  Tony Nyundu LinkedIn

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