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Meet Dance Abs Guru Keaira LaShae

Meet Dance Abs Guru Keaira LaShae

Meet Keaira LaShae, a singer, dancer, choreographer, fitness inspiration, transformational speaker, woman empowerment advocate and most importantly a wife and mommy  from Tampa, Florida.
Keaira LaShae ...
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African Celebs – You are unique as you are part of the fitness and music industry. Did you ever imagine your career taking this direction?

Keaira LaShae  – I never knew exactly what it would be, I just knew that I loved both being a music artist and doing fitness and I’m so grateful to be able to do what I love and inspire people all over the world through my music and fitness!

African Celebs – What are your future goals? 
Where do you see yourself in 5 and 10 years time?

Keaira LaShae  – I would love to continue to travel abroad with both of my careers and reach even more people, change more lives. I will also be expanding my online gym by adding more trainers and awesome features to the site. It’s a great site with fun workouts, tasty recipes and monthly challenges every month! People can sign up for 7 FREE DAYS today! I’ll be writing books helping women build their confidence. I already started on my confidence building Ebook that will be released soon! I would also love for QUEENS TALK (a podcast I started with my best friend Brina K) to be one of the top women’s podcast in the world. We just launched it on iTunes and Soundclound. Check it out and leave a review! We need the support to climb the charts. I also have a dance fitness DVD coming soon and new music is being released soon as well! Check out my music on and iTunes.

Keaira LaShae

African Celebs – Who is your fitness guru and music inspiration?

Keaira LaShae  – I don’t really have a fitness guru. I didn’t grow up watching anyone in the fitness industry.

I have a few music inspirations. My mom and grandmother used to play Whitney, Aretha, Chaka Khan, Mary J Blige, and my favorite Janet! I also really live the R&B groups from the 90’s!

African Celebs – What is your motivation?

Keaira LaShae  – My family and supporters are my motivation. They push me to continue to be better and they inspire me to be more creative because I love to make them proud.

Keaira LaShae ..

African Celebs – Describe yourself in 3 words?

Keaira LaShae  –  Passionate, genuine, energetic

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