Is that of the month again! The 2020 Chilly/Rainy Accra fashion Week is here, there will be lots of its creativity through the imaginative designers across the country capital.



Lots of top designers in Africa and diaspora will be there to showcase their work at this Africa International fashion show between 25th -30th March 2020.

Some of the top designers include Ghana’s own Akinko Lifestyle, Signature Fashion House, Tidal Cool from USA,

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More designers to be announced


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Credit/Source: Accra Fashion Week Ghana

Accra Fashion Week brought out TOP African Fashion Designers to Tang Palace Hotel in Accra, Ghana. The three jam packed days event is still taking  Social Media By Storm!


The prominently sought-after fashion week, Accra Fashion showcased lots of its creativity through the imaginative designers across the country capital.

Cultural creativity across the continent and diaspora as well as showcasing the crafts of Africans to the whole world.

Mish Mega Accra Fashion Week


The event is powered by FashionGhana with profound tentacles to over 1,500 boutiques across the continent and over 90 chain stores both in and out of Africa and sponsored by Nivea Ghana.



This has also helped positioned Ghana in the fashion industry as many youths are encouraged by the all anticipated week to pick up a career in the country.

NIVEA Accra Fashion Week



Also, this has attracted many clients from around the world as they’d undoubtedly think first, Ghana, before any other African nation.

Nina Shara are becoming alarmingly popular through the prowess of the Ghana Fashion Week.

Sherah Accra Fashion Week

Some of the top designers in Africa and diaspora, includes Afre Anko



Adeziwa Vade -Accra Fashion Week



Akinko Accra Fashion Week


Elikem Kumordzie @Accra Fashion Week


Fathia Creations @ Accra Fashion Week


Lauren Haute Couture @ Accra Fashion Week

Soraya Da Piedade from Angola, Sherah from the United Kingdom, Hats Code, Senorita Prive, Mish Meha, Signature Fashion House and more.


Many African Celebrities also graced the occasion

Akinko, Sister Derby,- Accra Fashion Week

Merely looking at these designers, we are not surprise people can’t stop talking about this event

Credit/Source: Accra Fashion Week Ghana

The prominently sought-after fashion week, Accra Fashion Week is here again with lots of its creativity through the imaginative designers across the country capital.


The week broods cultural creativity across the continent and diaspora as well as showcases the crafts of Africans to the whole world.

The event is powered by FashionGhana with profound tentacles to over 1,500 boutiques across the continent and over 90 chain stores both in and out of Africa. 


South African Celebrity fashion designer @otiz_seflo will be in Ghana to heat up the run way
South African Celebrity fashion designer Otsile Sefolo will be in Ghana to heat up the run way


For instance, in 2018 the creative event featured the likes of the Casely-Hayford family, Kofi Ansah, Adwoa Aboah, Edward Enninful, Ozwald Boateng, 

Afre Anko and Marhaw Fashion from Ghana, FD Fashion house and House of Lil from Nigeria, Fatumah Asha from Uganda, Romeo Paul from Qatar, Tidal Cool from the US, Nackissa from the Ivory Coast.

Metys from Diana Gadie and Thabied from Botswana.

All these designers are exceptional in their countries and localities, and Fashion GHANA needed to show to the world, their appealing skills.


This has helped positioned Ghana in the fashion industry as many youths are encouraged by the all anticipated week to pick up a career in the country.

Also, this has attracted many clients from around the world as they’d undoubtedly think first, Ghana, before any other African nation.


Cindy Needles


Ghanaian designers such as Vica Michaels, who won the last Accra Fashion Week classic model of the year

Nina Shara are becoming alarmingly popular through the prowess of the Ghana Fashion Week.


The next will be taking place at the CFAO & Providence Events Centre, Accra, Ghana between 2nd and 6th October 2019.


The anticipated event will have on its list, top designers in Africa and diaspora, just as before. Afre Anko, Adeziwa Vade, Catherine L., Akinko, Cindy Needles, Clatiral Wear.

Similarly, Elikem Kumordzie, Eight Two Five, Fathia Creations, Kiara Afrik, Hats Code Millinery, Lauren Haute Couture, Senorita Prive, Mish Meha, Signature Fashion House, all from Ghana.



Other designers being mentioned are Chivalrouz and Otiz Seflo from South Africa, Clavon from the United States, Cocomanella, Tolumi Abiola, Valismo Fashions and House of Irawo from Nigeria.

De’Pearlee from Botswana, Essence of Woman Collection from France, Soraya Da Piedade from Angola, Sherah from the United Kingdom.

Merely looking at these designers, you will conclude how eventful the week is going to be.

We will be here to give a full report on the event as it unfolds.

Credit/Source: Accra Fashion Week Ghana/Ghana New

From daily life to special ceremonies and rituals, African textile has always had an important part in the lives of African nations.

Now, the textile and fabrics produced in the continent are widely used by world-renowned fashion designers.

Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly-used African textiles.


This popular fabric can be considered the denim of South Africa.

Made of cotton and dyed indigo with geometric shapes, this fabric is used in a lot of women clothing from dresses and skirts to aprons.

Ghanaian Actress and TV Host wearing Shweshwe – Photo Credit: Benedicta Gafah

Shweshwe is an important part of both traditional and modern life in South Africa. It has currently been used in the US as a quilting fabric.


The name means “mud cloth” in Bambara, so you know what to expect from its colours. The Malian textile industry uses this fabric very commonly in fashion and decoration.

Beautiful mud cloth at Accra Fashion Week

The brown tones are acquired by dying the fabric with fermented mud.


For instance, the fabric was traditionally worn by hunters and women undergoing rituals. The fabric is currently being imported in mass amounts to the US.





Barkcloth is an interesting fabric that originally comes from Moroceae trees, specifically the fibrous inner bark. Its main manufacturer is Uganda.

During the production stage, the inner bark layers are adhered onto sheets.

For that reason, it was even called paper clothing. Its current production involves similar cotton-based fabrics with a rough surface.

This prevents the destruction of trees and forests.


Kitenge is the Tanzanian version of sarong usually worn by women as a scarf of baby sling.

Tanzania’s Award-winning actress Elizabeth Michael Lulu in a beautiful kitenge dress Photo Credit: Lulu

This printed cotton fabric is always mesmerising with its bright and contrasting colours as well as its attractive printings done by batik or wax prints.

Tanzania’s Award-winning actress Elizabeth Michael Lulu in a beautiful kitenge dress Photo Credit: Lulu

Kitenge is among the cheapest pieces of cloth you can ever find in Tanzania, they are also distributed at Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Zambia and DRC.

It is usually worn in formal occasions 


Nigeria’s unique textile Akwete is a handcrafted material made of sisal-hemp, raffia and spun cotton. One of its distinct features is the simultaneous use of many motifs in the same piece of cloth.

Furthermore, many motifs are predominantly dyed with earth colours. Although this piece of fabric was used by warriors in the old times, it can be seen widely amongst many Nigerians.


This is another Nigerian fabric based on Nsibidi that consists of indigenous abstract depictions.

With the same raw material as Akwete, the only difference of Ukara Ekpe is the dominance of blue in the woven material.



The white-dyed motifs usually include many symbols from powerful animals to trees, affection and friendship. The symbols were also a source of inspiration for the Wakandan alphabet in Black Panther.


Kanga is very similar to Kitenge in terms of colours and patterns; however, it is made of a thinner cotton fabric.

It is also much more multi-purpose and informal, as it can be used as a head-wrap, apron, skirt or even a decorative piece at home.

You can find many interesting Kanga clothes with Swahili writings on them in Tanzania and Kenya.


The origins of Kente date back to the Ashanti Kingdom and Akan people in Ghana.

Different types of Kente from Ghana

It can be easily recognized by the interwoven cloth strips with warm earth colours, blue and black. Its raw materials are silk and cotton.

Miss Pride of Africa Contestant num. 1 in a beautiful kente outfit

Although it was only worn by the members of the royal Ashanti families, it is now an integral part of the daily lives of Ghanaian people.

In other words,  Kente cloth is now used worldwide by many people especially used in academic stoles during graduation ceremonies.


This indigo-dyed cloth made of spun cotton remains to be an important part of the lives of West African women. It is mainly produced in Nigeria, Benin and Mali.

Its crafting consists of many delicate techniques focused on resist-dying and tying raffia throughout the cloth. Adire-based dresses have been worn by important figures.

For instance, Adire is now used by many people for their home decor, cushion cover and more. 

In addition to the above, there are other African textiles like Dashiki, Angelina, Ankara and more

More African Textiles Coming Soon


The African fashion has been on a constant rise as many designers have gained their well-deserved recognition.

The traditional motifs combined with innovative and futuristic patterns create a unique styling that attracts the Western world.

Here are some examples of distinguished African Fashion Designers from all over the continent.


If you have a champion boxer father and a Miss Cameroon mother, you inevitably inherit some of the talent and charm genes. Imane Ayissi from Cameroon had this advantage, which initially introduced him into the world of modelling.

He eventually pursued a career in fashion by designing his own line of women clothing.

His couture and pret-a-porter designs incorporate African tribal art into Parisian Houte Couture.

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Born in Nigeria, Lisa Folawiyo gained extensive knowledge about traditional West African fashion.

Her designs take weeks of effort to bring into reality because she gives priority to handcrafting and lacework.


Beautiful dresses – Credit: by Lisa Folawiyo Studio

Her work has been not only shown at the runway of New York Fashion Week, but also highly acclaimed and worn by Lupita Nyong’o and Thandie Newton.


Raised in Nairobi by her grandmother, Katungulu’s style was heavily influenced by the local artisans who worked with her grandmother.

She continued chasing her dreams and went to London to study fashion.

After graduation, she returned to Kenya and started a contemporary fashion line of street-fashion. Her work can be easily distinguished by the blending of ethnic motifs and novel crafting techniques.


Lauren Haute Couture 

Accra Fashion showcased lots of its creativity through the imaginative designers across the country capital.

Lauren Haute Couture @ Accra Fashion Week

Cultural creativity across the continent and diaspora as well as showcasing the crafts of Africans to the whole world


More at: Accra Fashion Week



Although she is originally from Ivory Coast, she has led a nomadic life by relocating to Brazil and then the US.

Her career started at a very young age when she started designing clothes at 13. Her family supported her to pursue and complete a fashion degree in New York.

With the experience she gained while interning with Jill Stuart, Yigal Azrouel and Cynthia Rowley, she launched a brand in New York and back in her home country. She is known for using tribal paints on futuristic designs.


If you have seen the iconic dresses of Black Panther stars at the film’s World Premiere, then you must have heard of Laduma MaXhosa.

Although he always says his inspiration was the Italian lines like Missoni, he also stayed truthful to his Xhosa roots with the use of handcrafted beads.

Beautiful outfit – Credit: Loza Maléombho

He is well-known for his knitwear brand MaXhosa by Laduma, but his reputation will most likely expand further into other areas of fashion.

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Born in Lesotho, Thabo’s main influence was the Basotho traditions she was able to observe as a child.

Basotho blankets that were worn in Lesotho as a symbol of status impressed her so much that she decided to use this idea to design jackets and coats.


Beautiful African fabrics – Credit: Thabo Makhetha

She eventually established her own brand in South Africa and soon came to recognition with her runways in Canada, the UK and Italy.

She was also awarded the Impact Award for Design Excellence in 2014, becoming one of the most important business leaders of South Africa.


The Cairo-based designer duo is behind one of the most creative movements of Egypt.

Concerned about the plastic usage and the resulting pollution, they decided to recycle plastic bags to make accessories from ankle boots to backpacks.

Realizing the impact of their project, they founded a design studio called Reform Studio to increase the rate of recycling.

Their designs attracted the attention of Europe now that Ikea has collaborated with them to distribute their products all around Europe…


African Head Wraps or Scarfs is popularly worn by Africans, most Africans wear heard wraps, scarf with a complete ensemble, outfit or on its own.


They are called Duku in the Ghanaian language,  Gele by Nigerians… 

Check out all our beautiful African Head Wraps below.



African Head Wraps are always very colourful and look very pretty on all women. We love head wraps how about you?

Even though head gears like Gele are often worn during wedding and special occasion, one can wear head wrap any time with any African print. Read more:- article, blog

In other words, no particular skills is needed for head wrap as there’s no wrong or right way. It just has to be decent and nice.


Accra Fashion Week / Ghana
Photo Credit: Accra Fashion Week / Ghana


Most African Head Wraps are with with Kente, Dashiki, Angelina fabric, Ankara, Adepa Dumas, Vlisco….



Most people want to be models. However, the reality is not everyone becomes a model. However, today, social media influenced society.

how to pose


Evania Heart fashion



The threshold of becoming a model has been loosed. You do not have to be of a specific height, weight, race, age, etc. as long as you can pose for the camera at the right time that is all that matters.

fashion model


It all starts with getting a good practice of raising and walking. This can be done at home or in a beautiful scenery.

How to model, How to pose,



fashion model


Check out these models from Accra Fashion Week, Ghana. Not only do they have the swag their walk is very natural. The walk in such a way that the emphasis is on what they are wearing more than them…

How to model, How to pose, How to catwalk

The more practice, the better, so don’t be afraid to try new poses and keep practicing your walk. You will find that it is easier than it seems. Just look fierce and pose pose pose!


How to model, How to pose, How to catwalk







Are you running out of ideas on what to wear to work? Check out our selection of fashionable work clothes below!


office wear- african celebs

Whether your office is in a ‘posh’ corporate building , mid-size, small company or always  visiting one customer after the other, you always have to look the part! Dress appropriate, look smart, Professional, Stylish, Chique…



This classy look from Accra Fashion Week Ghana is on point! 

Accra Fashion Week Ghana
Photo Credit: Accra Fashion Week/Ghana



office wear


James Gardiner
Photo Credit: James Gardiner



Getting dressed is  easier when you know what outfit best suits your body type. .. Most people choose their outfits based on how good it looked on someone else. The question is do you have the same, shape, size…?


office-wear-ideas-african-celebs office-wear-ideas-african-celebs

More Office and casual outfits


More Office and casual outfits

It’s been an exhilarating and entertaining weekend in Ghana and the African continent on the account of Ghana’s biggest music festival, under the auspices of Vodafone telecommunications network and charterhouse.

This year’s celebration unlike last year was celebrated with live audience and performances from the incredible talents emerging from Ghana and making waves across the globe.

Held at the Accra international conference Centre and the new Dome, the 22nd edition of the annual music festival ended successfully with the major prize presented to Ghanaian gospel singer, Diana Hamilton who was nominated along with well celebrated artist like Sarkodie, Kidi, Kuami Eugene, Adina and Medikal. She also won three awards making a total of four.

This year’s VGMA saw a lot of entertainers and influencers excitingly flaunting their fashionable outfits on the red-carpet session. Others advertised their designers and expressed their expectations and those they were rooting for on the awards night.

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The first night was hosted by TV3’s Giovanni Caleb and AJ Sarpong who were looking exquisite in their outfit. With electrifying live band performances from legendary rapper Okyeame Kwame and singer, Bob Pinodo who was also honoured the lifetime achievement award.

The stage was also shaken with fantastic performances from artistes like Kofi Kinaata, Kidi, Strongman, Cina Soul, Sista Afia, Fameye, Eno Barony among several others.

Performances continued as  Kuami Eugene, Diana Hamilton, joe mettle, Kwesi Arthur, Mr. Drew, MOG music among several artistes gingered the stage with their unique and excellent stage techniques.

Castro was honoured with his music performed on stage as well as paying tribute to Ghana’s well celebrated icons including  actor Bernard Nyarko and celebrity photographer Bob Pixel who passed on last year.

It was indeed a night of honouring the creative industry and the remarkable skills exhibited by musicians in the country. Nonetheless some artistes were captured in most of the award categories as they obtained more than five nominations each.

They include Adina who was nominated 11 times but won 3, Kidi 8 times and bagged home 4, Diana Hamilton, 6 times but won 4 and Kuami Eugene 9 times and won 1.


Below is the list of the winners of the various awards categories.

  1. Artist of the year – Diana Hamilton
  2. Gospel Song of the Year – Diana Hamilton (Adom)
  3. Gospel Artist of the Year – Diana Hamilton
  4. Vodafone most popular song of the year – Diana Hamilton (Adom)
  5. Highlife song of the year – KiDi (Enjoyment)
  6. Afrobeats/Afropop Song of the Year – KiDi (Say Cheese)
  7. Afrobeats/Afropop Artist of the Year – KiDi
  8. Ep of the year – KiDi (Blue)
  9. Record of the Year – Adina (Daddy’s Little Girl)
  • Album of the Year – Adina (Araba)
  • Reggae/Dancehall Song of the Year – Adina (Why)
  • Reggae/Dancehall Artiste of the Year – Epixode
  • Male Vocalist of the Year – MOG (Oguamma)
  • Female Vocalist of the Year – Abiana (Adun Lei)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Bob Pinodo
  • Traditional Artiste of the Year – Manhyia Tete Nwomkro
  • Music for Good – Yaayaa
  • Sound Engineer of the Year – Richie Mensah
  • Producer of the Year – Richie Mensah
  • Songwriter of the Year – Kofi Kinaata
  • Vodafone Green Award – Kofi Kinaata
  • Best Rap Performance – Eno Barony
  • Best Video of the Year – MzVee (Baddest Boss)
  • International Collaboration of the Year – Kwesi Arthur FT. Joe Boy (Baajo)
  • Instrumentalist of the Year – Nana Yaw Sarfo
  • Unsung Act of the Year – Nanky
  • Best New Artist of the Year – Mr. Drew
  • Highlife Artiste of the Year – Kuami Eugene
  • Hip Hop Song of the Year – Yaw Tog (Sore)
  • Hip Hop Artist of the Year – Medikal
  • Hiplife Song of the Year Keche (No Dulling)
  • Keche – Best group of the year
  • Best African Artist – Master KG
  • Best Collaboration of the Year – Sarkodie FT. Kuami Eugene (Happy Day)




Claudia Lumor, alongside her team of experts, established the Glitz Style Awards in 2015 to showcase Ghanaians and other international personalities and establishments that eminently contributed to the African fashion industry.

The awards also help encourage Africans to pick up a career in the industry. It further exposed African styles and fashion to the whole world and thereby opening more sale opportunities for African designers across the globe.

The awards team, without prejudice, examines the contribution of individuals and businesses in all its seventeen categories and lucidly presents deserving awards to only the best in each of the categories.



More Fashion News

The prestigious Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, Accra hosted the 2019 edition of the awards ceremony on Saturday, 14th. September, 2019.

The eventful night had many prominent personalities such as top rated music artists, veteran actors and actresses alongside reputable TV personalities clad in glamorous outfits and quality styles in attendance.

Without exaggerating, the Instagram photos, trends and likes are enough to confirm the success of the seventeen category awards night.

Arguably, it is the talk of the week with every Ghanaian broadcasting station airing the event highlights.



King Promise, a talented Ghanaian vocalist, went home with many prestigious awards including Artist of the Year and Social Media Style Influencer of the Year.

Zynnell Lydia Zuh was the winner of the Best Dressed Celebrity on the Red Carpet while Movie personality of the Year Award was won by Mawuli Gavor.


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Other winners include Ben Bond Obiri Asamoah (OAB Photography) – Fashion Photographer of the Year, David Lartey (Nii Pro) – Model of the Year.

Kelvin Vincemnt – Stylist of the Year, Juliet Olanipekun (Love from Jukez) – Style Influencer of the Year (Africa),

Debbie Beeko (Debbie Bjuku) – Fashion Blogger of the Year, Aisha Ayensu – African Designer of the Year.

RnR Luxury – Indigenous Beauty Brand of the Year, Ezekiel Yartel (Yartel Gh) – Designer of the Year,

Lawrencia Owusu (Lawrebabe) – Makeup Artiste of the Year.


The eye-catching red carpet shots have become the screensavers of many fans with overwhelmingly beautiful dresses worn by their personalities.

This also increased the designers’ customer base and Ghana economy in general. We hope for more platforms like this and wish her well in her future endeavors.


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Source/Credit: Glitz Style Awards| Ghana News |Efya