Most people want to be models. However, the reality is not everyone becomes a model. However, today, social media influenced society.

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The threshold of becoming a model has been loosed. You do not have to be of a specific height, weight, race, age, etc. as long as you can pose for the camera at the right time that is all that matters.

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It all starts with getting a good practice of raising and walking. This can be done at home or in a beautiful scenery.

How to model, How to pose,



fashion model


Check out these models from Accra Fashion Week, Ghana. Not only do they have the swag their walk is very natural. The walk in such a way that the emphasis is on what they are wearing more than them…

How to model, How to pose, How to catwalk

The more practice, the better, so don’t be afraid to try new poses and keep practicing your walk. You will find that it is easier than it seems. Just look fierce and pose pose pose!


How to model, How to pose, How to catwalk







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