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Apollo Nida Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison For Bank Fraud, ID theft

Apollo Nida Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison For Bank Fraud, ID theft

Apollo Nida, apollo-nidaAccording to TMZ, Nida will spend the next eight years away from them as he serves time for cashing stolen checks, ID theft and laundering millions through phony bank accounts. This fraud game he was playing went on for four years.

Considering that Nida could have faced a maximum of 30 years in prison, eight years is something of a “lucky break.” But a lot can happen in eight years that Nida will miss out on, including watching his boys grow up. Part of the reason Nida was able to get a more lenient sentence was because he reportedly cooperated with the feds in order to share details on the criminal activities of others. But according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Nida wasn’t too happy about his sentence.

The AJC says that he appeared annoyed when speaking on his way out of the courtroom, saying “The government did what they had to do.” Nida’s legal team tried to petition the court this week to have his sentence minimized, saying that his poor upbringing had a lot to do with his equally poor choices and never-ending legal troubles, and that his small-time criminal history doesn’t fit with him being categorized as being of Criminal

Before the sentencing, Nida apologized to everyone, saying “I want to apologize to the victims” and that he also wanted to “apologize to my family for letting them down.” But his family, as far as his wife and kids, were not present for the sentencing. There has been speculation for some time that Parks would part ways with her husband if he ended back up in jail, but she tried to refute such claims by saying she would stand by him until everything was resolved.

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“…we are where we are and we’ll support him. We are a family. He’s the father of my two beautiful kids and at the end of the day, I am a Southern belle and I believe in family and I will support him until this is resolved.” But I guess she got a little sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Nida is free for now on his bond, but the AJC says that he will probably have to head to prison to start serving his time within the next three to six weeks

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