If you hate being single, romance novels and movies can leave you lusting after the desire for companionship. Love songs trigger thoughts of past romances and smooching couples make you quiver with jealousy. Being single, depending on how you view it, can be a miserable space to be in, but it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, being miserably single can cause you to chase potential mates away because you’re giving off negative energy. Consider the phenomenon that occurs when you find yourself in a committed relationship and suddenly, you’re getting more attention than you’ve ever had, mostly due to your glowing smile and self confidence. That essence is what makes you truly attractive and it shouldn’t go away just because you’re single.

It is important that you remain positive, open and active while you’re single so that you send the message that you’re not only available, you’re an absolute catch. Here are five ways you can learn to be happily single.

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How To Be Happily Single 2021

1. Find Fun Solo Things To Do

If you’re a social butterfly, the idea of doing anything alone can sound boring, (if not complete torture) but a little alone time can be a great time for self reflection which can lead to a better you. Make alone time fun by filling that space with things you love to do. Whether that’s pampering yourself with a massage or getting a pedicure, watching a marathon of your favorite show while stuffing yourself with your favorite ice-cream or singing loudly to your favorite song while in your underwear. Stay away from activities that usually requires more than one person so that you never feel that void.

2. Hangout With Other Single People

Hanging around lovey-dovey couples can exacerbate your sense of loneliness and even cause you to feel like a failure. In anything you do, you should always align yourself with people and things that will uplift and energize you.

When you’re single, you should do ‘single people things’, which can span from clubbing to awesome road trips. Being single is an opportunity to do all kinds of crazy and fun things without the burden of having to check in with a partner, so use this time to carpe diem and experience life.

3. Date For Fun

Dating doesn’t have to be the chore it can become if you’re searching for a serious mate. Meeting new people can be fun, especially when you have no expectations. Keep these dates short and simple by meeting at a coffee shop or doing an activity. Be upfront with your desire to keep things light and feel free to be your unadulterated self.

If anything springs from any of those experiences it will be a bonus, but use this opportunity to rid yourself of self-doubt and insecurities that usually comes with meeting new people.

Are you single? What’s your new year resolution regarding dating in 2022?

4. Learn How to Let Go

What has happened in the past is the past. Experiences, good or bad, should be used as your navigation through life. Depending on how your last relationship ended, you may be feeling guilty, resentful or even angry. Either way, those negative feelings can keep you from truly moving on. It also means carrying that same baggage to your next relationship which can affect your chances of success.

Letting go is easy if you understand that everything that happens is an opportunity for learning and doing better in the future. Allow yourself to look at things objectively, see what you could have done differently and improve on. Most importantly, focus on the positives rather than all the negatives. A half glass full mentality will keep you uplifted and motivated.

5. Find Your Life’s Passion

Being single shouldn’t be the end of your life as you know it. Placing so much stock on someone else for your own happiness is a sign that you lack a sense of personal purpose. You should have your own raison d’être for waking up every morning. Have a vision for your life and how you can add value to the lives of others.

What are you good at? What would you like to do if you had nothing stopping you? Use your time as a single person to find out what makes time stop and lights you up from the inside out.Then go out and do it!

Life is truly what you make it and the same can be said for love and relationships. Finding inner happiness is a quality that will help you live your best life with or without someone and helps make you a more attractive version of yourself in the long run.

Source: Tonighter

Following the success of her song ‘Rara’ which featured Ayisi, Tinuke is in with new music and a sparkle bound to get a grip on drifting listeners this week. Stream or download ‘Waiting’ across all major digital platforms.

‘Waiting’, as Tinuke titles it is a butter-smooth Afrobeat melody which has the wavering act subtly alternate between her rap and singing tendencies to add some much-needed tenor to the solo release. Like some previous releases from the ‘Rara’ crooner, ‘Waiting’ runs on Tinuke’s now coherent theme of expressing love and appreciation for the special people in our lives, but more precisely in a context of self this time around:

‘’As a dark-skinned West African woman myself, this song is really about self-love and appreciating all the things about yourself. It’s a reminder that you are unique and have every right to be loved just the way you are’’, Tinuke shared.

Tinuke’s new single ‘Waiting’ is big on self-love and worth


‘’How did ‘Waiting’ come together? So, I was in the studio for some work one time and I heard the beat in the backdrop. Right away I was inspired and slowly caught on with some lyrics – the same ones that made the final song, because they were based on how I was feeling at the time and my experiences from a relationship’’.

There’s a lot of heart felt in the very relaxed Kuvie production, one that doesn’t trade-off Tinuke’s frame of mind and resourcefulness for rhythm. ‘Waiting’ is a great song to wind down to.


download ‘Waiting’ across all major digital platforms here: https://afrisounds.lnk.to/Waiting

On his debut EP, Ghana-based Nigerian star, Mr Mageek officially reintroduces himself with easy-going concepts, digestible rhyme schemes and a swagger that’s infectiously good. Stream or download Mr Mgaeek’s ‘’The Son of Raphael’’ EP across all major digital platforms.

A personality familiar to fans, Mr Mageek’s quest to establish his brand in West Africa’s busy music scene cannot be understated considering his timely releases which have so far put listeners on hit songs like ‘Otirikonkon’ featuring Ghana’s very own, Gemini, ‘Same People’, ‘Screensaver’ featuring Kesse and recently, ‘Yenti’ (On the Streets). Now ready to take things into the next level, the rapper finally delivers his first corpus and it’s an exciting one.


Dubbed “The Son of Raphael” – which according to the Sabi Boy Entertainment (SBE) honcho pays homage to his father, the stunning new EP comes with 9-tracks and a single collaboration from his label’s signee, Jhuicy. “This one has been long coming and with the year coming to a close, I felt my fans deserved something complete from me. I hope they enjoy it while I look forward to expanding my reach next year”, shared Mr Mageek.There’s some nonchalant songs on offer, such as the EP’s first – ‘Today’, which has Mr Mageek plan how he’d want to spend his birthday; a follow-up song hinging on crazy kinks ‘Gbo Gbo’ and the star simply flexing about doing whatever he wants because ‘Like It or Not’, he can. But aside these light tones, Mr Mageek finds his audience on specials like ‘Daa Daa’ (Call On You) as he captures the frustrations of a confused fella, together with the very dulcet ‘Dangerous Line’ and his EP’s fitting close ‘Try’ – the latter inspiring dream chasers to push on.

Like his most recent release, the rapper calls naysayers out again on their envy with the off-key feel of ‘Sinner Man’ (Hypocrite). But it’s not an all-callous affair, Mr Mageek also presents fans with some emotional fuel on a pair of songs like ‘Ma Bebe’ – one that has him quantify his baby’s good-good and the Spurz Romeo featured tune, ‘Yawa Go Dey’ because special people matter in our lives.

If you’re looking for some new music to lighten up your catalog, Mr Mageek’s “The Son of Raphael” is an EP worth giving a try. It’s light, unconventional and a refreshing trip down the mind of a genius.

EP across all major digital platforms.


👉🏾 https://open.spotify.com/embed/album/49uEW98Q84YQs8e53s1wwg?utm_source=generator



This year’s Grow, Unite, Build, Africa Awards spearheaded by award-winning TV personality Dentaa Amoateng MBE, will seek to honor black influential women and leaders for their undoubted zeal to contribute to social and economic development. 


We bring to your kind notice the four female British Members of Parliament (MP) gracing the occasion on November 8. These are black women in governance, making Ghana and Africa proud with their willpower to solve social and economic problems and promote women’s empowerment. 

Rt Honourable Diane Julie Abbot She is the longest-serving black and female MP. She has served as the MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington since 1987. She also served as shadow home secretary from 2016 to 2020. Rt Honourable Diane Julie Abbot will be receiving the “Industrious Woman Honour” at the ceremony as the first black woman to have been elected into British Parliament and for her contributions to the rise of women in British Parliament and women empowerment. 

 2021 GUBA Awards

Dawn Petula Buttler has also served as MP for Brent Central since 2015. Previously, she served as the MP for Brent South from 2005 to 2010 and worked as the Parliamentary Secretary at the Cabinet Office under Prime Minster, Gordon Brown. She also served as the Minister for Young Citizens and Youth Engagement, the shadow minister for black and minority ethnic communities.

Honorable Bellavia Ribeirio-Addy is a Labour politician who assumed office as the Member of Parliament for Streatham in 2019. She was the former Chief of Rt Honourable Diane Abbot. 


Honorable Abena Oppong –Asare assumed office in 2019 as the elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Erith and Thamesmead. She also served as the Labour Women’s Network leader and the party’s councilor from 2014 to 2018. Her leadership roles saw her advocate against violence against women and girls until her new position. 

Both Honourable Bellavia Ribeirio-Addy and Abena Oppong –Asare are the first Ghanaian females elected into the British parliament. 

Under the theme, “Celebrating a Symbol of Courage and Resilience,” the annual awards ceremony scheduled for November 8, 2021, in Accra, has been officially endorsed by Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, the paramount chief of the Asante Kingdom, to commemorate the centenary transition of the brave warrior and the Commander in Chief of the Asante Empire, Yaa Asantewaa. 

As the theme indicates, this year’s GUBA Awards will celebrate Yaa Asantewaa’s determination and resilience in leading the fight against colonial rule. As the Queen Mother of Ejisu traditional area, Yaa Asantewaa led the warriors of the Asante Kingdom to engage in a significant battle against British superiority. She was the last and only African woman to spearhead such a huge battle. 

Following her key role in the war against colonial supremacy in 1900, Yaa Asantewaa was incarcerated in Seychelles, went through torture until her death in October 1921. She’s honored today in history as an epitome of strength, courage, and resilience.

The awards will reflect on her courage and resilience, resulting in the magnificent history between Ghana and Seychelles, which Africa holds in high esteem. Hence, celebrating her legacy will also serve as a means of promoting women’s empowerment and African women’s resilience.

Moreover, the ceremony will honor successful black women in the diaspora who have striven to the top of their careers and been the voice of the voiceless in societies to build and empower the young generation especially females to be confident in themselves. As part of the awards presentation, key personalities from Africa and Ghana will be recognized for their achievements. 

Most importantly, the awards ceremony will honor women who are championing a lot of developmental projects, especially those who can lead projects that seek to put the world back on the economy following the downturn in the world’s economy as a result of the deadly pandemic. The women who will be honored are regarded as the “Yaa Asantewaas” of today. Along the line, the ceremony will also campaign against maternal mortality and call for ways to ensure safe delivery across Africa. 


24th OCTOBER, 2021 GUBA 2021 Awards in Ghana UPDATE:

 DRESS CODE for this year’s GUBA Awards revealed!




Credit: Dentaa Amoateng MBE

 US-based Ghanaian songbird, Ama Slay, outs her latest song ‘Intentions’ and it’s one to easily fall in love with.

‘Intentions’ is an R&B styled song that puts Ama Slay’s tender vocals at the forefront of a classic Laxio Beats production. Taken off her extended play by the name ‘’I Am Ama’’, the riveting new song has the singer demand absolute emotional clarity from a potential love interest.

‘’Intentions was inspired by this TV show I chanced upon sometime back. I don’t remember its title. But there was this particular scene with a young couple who had a breakup, and it left the girl feeling played’’, says Ama. ‘’It was so emotional and I remember saying to myself, ‘It would’ve been easier for her if he had voiced his intentions from the start. I was really pumped, so I quickly got to writing and… ta-da! The first line I wrote was: ‘What are your intentions with me?’ Intense huh?’’


With her debut extended play, ‘’I Am Ama’’ already out, listeners have a lot to be excited about the Sutton Music Records artist. Ama’s tender vocals and charm have been key to the success of her notable well-received singles ‘Ice Cream’, ‘Ginger, ‘Asem’, among others.

Ama Slay demands emotional clarity on new single ‘Intentions’.


Antoine Mensah hosted Reggie Rockstone at the Front/Back Living Room session. It’s an intimate interview session where artists share their musical journey and interact with fans over music and drinks.

The two had a stimulating conversation on Reggie’s music career, being a businessman, and current music trends right before Reggie was presented with a signature drink named after him: The Rockstone.


These are the takeaways from the conversation:

1. On the need for artists to show some form of unity…

Reggie said unity has been within the industry for a long. The insurgence of social media has got people thinking that there was no love amongst the artists. He shared experiences of jamming in Kumasi with Lord Kenya and revealed that at a time when he was very broke, Obrafuor came to see him with an envelope of cash. 

2. On his relationship with M3NSA and the making of ‘Ah’ featuring KK Fosu…

Reggie and M3NSA have known each other for years, and Reggie was some mentor to M3NSA. According to him, he learned a lot from the young artist at the time and shared the role he played on his hit song ‘Ah’ featuring KK Fosu. M3NSA was the producer behind that song and was about 16 at the time, telling him he had a hit song on his hands and a young singer from Dansoman (KK Fosu) will kill it. He was right. M3NSA also produced most of the songs on Reggie’s ‘’The Last Show’’ album. 

Reggie Rockstone’s Living Room Session at Front/Back

3. On Afrobeat and Hiplife…

Reggie talked about the link between Afrobeat and Hiplife. According to him. They are deeply intertwined. He explained that Hiplife is deeply rooted in Afrobeat because way before it became the ‘’cool thing’’, Reggie was already sampling songs from the founder of Afrobeat, Fela Kuti. He sampled Fela’s Shakara on his most well-known song, ‘3y3 Mo D3 Anaa’… Hiplife and Afrobeat have always overlapped.

4. Weighing in on the Ghana Naija music debate…

Reggie basically asked Ghanaians to calm down and stop underestimating their influence in music. He explained that Nigerians and Ghanaians have been ‘’brothers’’ since time, and Nigerians always make it a point to credit Ghana for constantly inspiring their sound. Both countries benefit from each other in different ways.

5. On maintaining relevance…

Reggie Rockstone called himself someone who refuses to grow old. He talked about exploring different things, including TikTok and being updated with the times. He always makes it a point to know what’s ‘’hip’’ and finds a way to insert himself seamlessly. 

6. On new music…

Reggie said he will be dropping new music on 7th October. He called it not just any music but ‘’music with a purpose’’. Reggie may retire for real… or not. He moves with what inspires him and prides himself in knowing that he has a special eye for talented artists and can tell who has star power with an exciting future in the industry.

Follow @livingroomsessionsgh to stay up to date on who’s next for Living Room Sessions at Front/Back with Antoine Mensah and make it a point to be there for the next.


BTS’ Music Video ‘Fake Love’ Has Reached over 1 billion Views On Youtube

A Seven-member South Korean boys’ band, the Bangtan Boys, known for short as BTS, breaks yet another record again! 

The BTS Army joins BTS in jubilation as the music video of their song, “Fake Love,” surpasses 1 billion views on YouTube. This makes the fifth project to have more than 1 billion streams on YouTube. Aside from the huge views, the K-pop group has broken music records since it debuted in 2013.

Beginning with their groundbreaking single, Dynamite has surpassed 1.23billion YouTube views. The song has also broken international barriers. It became the first Korean music to peak at Billboard Chart, Spotify, and YouTube in 2020, breaking two-time Guinness World Records and earning Grammy Awards nomination.

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The next song to gain mind-blowing success is Boy with Luv, released in 2019. surpassing 1.3 million views on YouTube, the song won several nominations, including the MTV award for Best K-Pop Group, Mnet Asian Music Award’s Song of The Year, Golden Disc Award for Song of The Year, Best Music Video at iHeartRadio music awards, among others.

That notwithstanding, BTS has worked extensively to make landmarks in the world of music, pushing more and more over 1billion views, not forgetting the single DNA released in 2017, which has also received over 1.3 billion streams on YouTube.

DNA holds the Guinness World Record for most viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours, following the incredible 21million in just 24 hours. This was indeed a magnificent success for the pop kings.


BTS’ Music Video 'Fake Love' Has Reached over 1 billion Views On Youtube

The group is notable for its huge views on the most widely known music streaming platform, YouTube, and multiples weeks their songs keep on billboard music charts. Last but not the least is Mic Drop streamed a little over 1billion on YouTube. Nnetheless, the group can boast of 230 songs, including studio albums and Extended Plays (EPs). Other hit songs of the group are “No More Dream,” “Wings”, “Face Yourself”, “Spring Day”, “On”, “Fire, Blood, Sweat and Tears”, “Life Goes On,” “Butter” and “Black Swam.” 

The success of their music has given them a lot of endorsements locally and internationally, which contributes more to their popularity. These endorsement deals have helped promote their songs even as they also promote for the various companies and brands partnered with.

These brands range from sports wears, electronics, e-commerce, confectionaries, telecommunications, automobile, mobile phones, fintech, to mention a few.

Their popularity can be summarised in the following awards categories; Most Viewers For A YouTube Premiere, Hours, Most-Streamed Song On Spotify In Its First 24 Hours, Most Viewed Music Video On YouTube In 24, and Most-Streamed Group On Spotify all records of Guinness World Records. 


The group has helped in humanitarian and philanthropic works aside from making loads of feats in the entrainment industry. They have contributed to the social, economic, and physical well-being of people through several charitable means. They collaborated with social agencies, including UNICEF, to support in cash and kind in cases like their Love Yourself Campaign Initiative, Covid-19 Pandemic, Black Lives Matter Campaign, Music Education, and a lot more.

BTS was officially formed in 2010. The group comprises seven young superstars Jungkook, V, Jimin, RM, J-Hope, Suga, and Jin, who exhibit unique flairs in songwriting, rapping, singing, and dancing. 

Hailing from South Korea, they gained publicity with their first hit single, “No more dream,” in 2013 under the management of renowned Korean entertainment company Big Hit Entertainment. Although the group is originally a Hip Hop group, their works have evolved to comprise a wide range of music genres, which has contributed immensely towards their milestone regardless of language barriers. 

The group has successfully sold over 20 million albums, topped several music charts, and won multiple accolades and international reconditions, making them the first Asian music group to gain worldwide recognition. BTS also has earned nicknames such as Sonyeodan, Beyond the Scene, and Bulletproof Boy Scouts 


Ministers of God are now making a massive difference in the world of riches. However, despite making their way on the list of rich people globally, the extent to which each of them is rich varies according to their net worth.

This article talks about the wealthiest Pastor in the Africa as recognized by most Africans. Also, this is to remind our readers that the current position is subject to change since publications are updated multiple times in a year.

Bishop David Oyedepo, as of 2019, has been regarded as the wealthiest Pastor in the world with a net worth of over $150 million. His ministry has invested in many income-generated projects such as schools, Christian literature, real estate, restaurants, and private jets, among several others. 

This is a man of God who hails from Nigeria. He is the Living Faith Church Worldwide leader and founder, also known as the Winners’ Chapel International, with its headquarters in Ogun State, Nigeria. Born into a family of different religious faith, Islam and Christianity, Bishop David Oyedepo was brought up by his grandmother, an Anglican. He found his feet in the things of God through the influence of his grandmother. 


He fully surrendered his life to Christ when he was 15 years old during his Secondary School days under the inspiration of his missionary tutor in 1969. A year after being born again, he began spreading the gospel. He believed and trusted in the Holy Spirit for miraculous interventions such as healings. In 1981, he founded his church. Following reasons he explained were a series of visions the Lord revealed to him concerning propagating the full gospel of Christ around the world and delivering the world from evil oppression.

In 1983, he and his wife, Mrs. Florence Faith Abiola Oyedepo, were ushered into the ministerial journey in the house of God by renowned Nigerian Pastor Enoch Adeboye. He was then ordained as Bishop in 1988, where he gave room for people to experience God exponentially through his ministry. His church became widely known worldwide with branches in the US, UK, United Arab Emirates, and Africa. 

Bishop David Oyedepo and his wife have been married for 39 years

Today, his leadership on the worldwide ministry has flourished and earned him financial success making him the richest Pastor in Nigeria, Africa, and the world. He owns private jets and educational institutions, including the Kingdom Model School, Faith Academy, Covenant University, Landmark University, and Crowned University, with exclusive educational facilities and materials highly conducive to effective learning to build people spiritually and academically through his ministry.

The schools located in Nigeria are purely private without any support from any government but have been running successfully. Bishop Oyedepo’s schools has helped most of the community and the underprivileged  a lot.

Bishop David Oyedepo makes his wealth from the accumulated earnings among the churches nationwide, other of projects.

In addition to the above, he has also written numerous Healing, Financial and inspirational books that he has using his owns a publishing company known as the Dominion Publishing House, which has aided in publishing his Christian literature, inspirational books, and magazines across the globe. He has written more than 70 books with over 4 million publications selling massively around the world. 


He has contributed to the economy through his non-profitable organization, the David Oyedepo Foundation that seeks to grant scholarships to the less privileged to undergo training at his Universities and Academy under the Scholarship Scheme, the David Oyedepo Foundation Scholar. He has several hours and recognition for his immeasurable influence in the lives of people. He has four children who are doing incredibly well in his ministry.

Bishop Oyedepo is one known all over  the world because of his works and ministry. To learn more about this amazing man of God visit www.faithtabernacle.org.ng

African Professor Recorded Success in the First 3D Inner-ear Surgery – Tech Thursday (TBT)

The University of Pretoria entered the book of history with the recent success in the world’s first 3D inner-ear surgery performed by the university professor, Professor Mashudu Tshifularo. The success has been spread across the globe and was welcomed with lots of recommendations as the two patients who benefited from this innovation are ever grateful.

Cerebral professor Mashudu Tshifularo and his team of professionals took a bold step to perform the groundbreaking surgery without minding the consequence of failure. Their unmatched efforts were crowned with successfully completing the surgery that most thought would be associated with brutal consequences. Now, another patient has been successfully treated to confirm that their operation is far from a fluke.

This surgery involved the effective replacement of the anvil, ossicles, hammer, and stirrup, all inner ear components. The 3D printing was used to mode the bones of the listed issues and reconstruct the ossicles. As difficult as these procedures may be, Mr. Thabo Moshiliwa, 40, has benefited from the experience of the gifted professor as the first recipient of 3D inner ear surgery in the world. Soon after the success, Mr. Simon Bohale, 62, also took the successful surgery to become the second recipient of the new world of 3D surgery.

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According to reports, hearing impairment is a natural phenomenon and is associated with age. It was gathered that the degeneration of sense of hearing begins at 40. Therefore, nearly half of aged people are expected to suffer from hearing impairment when they turn 80. Although diseases and infections are other factors contributing to hearing loss. The good news is; the operation can be carried out on anyone regardless of their age. Meaning that even the aged can still have their ear in absolutely perfect condition.

Professor Mashudu Tshifularo, 55, is one of the best in the field of medicine and his antecedent confirmed that the new record-making feat was not new to him. In 2008, he was believed to be the first man to ever perform a bloodless surgery (endoscope-assisted tonsillectomy) in the whole world through his self-designed techniques coupled with other remarkable groundbreaking surgeries he has laid his hands on.


The astute professor, Mashudu Tshifularo, was the first African ENT specialist and one of the youngest when he was appointed into the Medunsa Department of Otorhinolaryngology in 2001. He has since then contributed immensely to the postgraduate training of registrars and consultants as an academic professor while developing himself yet further. He is working tirelessly to increase the number of ENT specialists in South Africa and all over the continent.

All we hope for is a more groundbreaking career in the field of medicine from these hardworking hands as the resourceful professor rightly said, no one is born deaf and dumb.


Forceful Wet Nursıng In Slavery – This must be Thursday (History Day)

The earlier settlements and the colonialism accelerated the slave trade drastically because a labor force was needed for farming. The slaves had many tasks, mainly in plantations, to increase productivity. Because of the harsh working conditions, there were more male slaves on the field.

The female slaves served indoors for other purposes, from house cleaning to cooking. If there were many babies in the house, the female worker would have an additional duty: breastfeeding. Although it may not sound like a physically demanding job, it had horrible consequences physically and psychologically.

Believe it or not, most of the babies were not their biological children, nor were they adopted by them. They were their slave master’s wives children.

The concept of wet nursing in slavery emerged in the 17th century when wealthy white families started hiring black women of lower classes and paying them to breastfeed their babies. The ladies tried to avoid it because they wanted to maintain their body shape integrity.
In addition, breastfeeding was against their elegance and always deemed more suitable for uncultured low-class people. The claim of the doctors proving that breastfeeding is unhealthy was the cherry on top.

The act of wet nursing began in Europe and soon expanded into the New World. The unfamiliar geography in new settlement areas affected the immune system of the newborns, and many of them fell ill. On the other hand, the children of the black women were much more immune and resistant.

This was the driving reason for white families to force female slaves to breastfeed their children. Once the female slave gave birth to a child, they were forced to prioritize the white babies for breastfeeding. This left their children short of breast milk since it was all used up to feed the kids of the white families.

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They had to feed their babies with cow’s milk or other substitutes to substitute for the milk. This resulted in an elevated death rate amongst the babies of the enslaved families.

The women did not have the choice to refuse breastfeeding other babies. In case they argued, they were threatened with the lives of their babies. Some slave traders and settlers would even kidnap or kill the newborn babies, so the slave-mother was left with no choice but to do wet nursing.
For the slave women to start producing milk, they were often raped by the slave masters and were told to keep quiet about it. This resulted in the birth of many babies of mixed race. Their husbands even rejected these women despite knowing that they were forced into it.


Wet nursing gradually vanished with the abolishment of slavery. However, some women continued doing it since they realized that they were earning more money as wet nurses than the freed slaves. The women who were wet nursing on their own were deemed the equivalent of prostitutes for not letting go of a traumatizing act from the past.

Forceful wet nursing has scarred the souls of many women and children – if they were able to survive, that is. So, it will always remain in our hearts as one of the most disgraceful aspects of the history of humankind. and as one of the numerous Museum Exhibitions in Cape Coast in Ghana reads

‘May those who return find their roots. May humanity never again perpetrate such injustice against humanity’

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