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D Jay’s ‘Balance It’ surpasses 10M streams on all DSPs

D Jay’s ‘Balance It’ surpasses 10M streams on all DSPs

D Jay’s ‘Balance It’ surpasses 10M streams on all DSPs

10M+ streams and counting: D Jay’s ‘Balance It’ proves to be a big performer

D Jay’s hot new single ‘Balance It’ breaks into multiple charts and continues to prove its performative power with a record 10M+ streams to show across all DSPs.

Before its debut back in April ‘Balance It’ was poised to be a hit – and as expected, what a hit it has turned out to be. The song has since gone on to make waves outside of Ghana with official metrics from D Jay’s camp pointing to how well his standalone song has fared in a short space of time. Reaching out to D Jay on the news, he was excited to share with our source, “When my team told me I was like ‘FOR REAL?!’ That’s really cool and I appreciate everyone who was a part of this. Thank you. This is big and the beginning of what’s to come, and I mean that so please stay tuned”.

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Talking of charts, ‘Balance It’ made it to quite a few. It held its own on Apple Music’s Top 100 Ghana chart as well as Audiomack’s Top 100 charts for Ghana, Liberia, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Cameroon and Kenya. The love was equally strong on Boomplay where Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon and Uganda’s Top 100 charts hosted ‘Balance It’.

All these beautifully stack up to the song’s performance on Shazam. There, ‘Balance It’ charted in 21 countries and locked in well over 250K Shazams which saw it rise to #7 on the platform’s Global Afrobeat chart at some point in time. And in case you’ve been wondering, the #BalanceIt challenge did go viral. It has so far recorded over 400,000 videos on TikTok alone next to its massive 30M+ views on the app.

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These figures are simply outstanding for the young crooner whose hard work continues to pay off. He recently crossed the 5M+ and 2M+ mark on Boomplay and Audiomack respectively with only his first song of the year, spelling nothing but greatness for what lies ahead for D Jay.

You can keep streaming ‘Balance It’ here:

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