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Aviation News: Zambia’s Youngest Commercial Pilot

Aviation News: Zambia’s Youngest Commercial Pilot

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Inspirational Stories: Meet Besa Mumba

Zambia’s Youngest Commercial Pilot. Besa was born on 9th December 1996.  She  began her training with the Charlie 152 and then onto the Charlie 172 plane.

After that she moved on to complex training, the Charlie 172 plane retractable to which she got her caravan rating when I got my commercial pilot license.


Besa then went to get advanced training at semi flight  in South Africa. Upon her return to Zambia, she was offered a job with pro flight Zambia.

 Besa says  ”I’m so happy to be at the proflight my experience has been great so far initially at first I though It would be fancy in the cabin crew but then I thought why not be the one who flight the aircraft.

From then onwards I had so many questions like how does it fly, how do they stay in the sky how do they know where they are it made me so curious to be the one behind the controls.

So after I finished high school I went to flight school.

There are only a small amount of women who fly aircrafts but women can fly aircrafts so of you are doubting you can do it.when I finish work I like to listen to music.

I also like to rest and relax because it’s very important. I love to see new places and learn new languages.

I see myself being a captain on one of the jets because I’m big about flying here in my home country .so far so good it’s been an amazing experience ….’

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Photo credit: Besa Mumba/Proflight Zambia

Prior to Besa becoming the youngest african pilot, Kalenga Kamwendo was held that record aged just 20. We had an exclusive interview the talented Kalenga Kamwendo read all about him here:  Youngest Commercial Pilot In Zambia…aged just 20

Huge  congrats! Such an inspiration to the upcoming youth!

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