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Better Laid than Never…

Better Laid than Never…

On the dating scene, singles have always taken subtle cues from the messages fed to them in mass media.

From fashion to music and beyond, the cues on when the mating dance ends and the uninhibited sex begins is subtly reinforced by what we see in every day life.


In their prime years in the dating game, every single believes it’s their right and youthful duty to test-drive all the models and  supermodels they can get their hands on.



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It may, however, be smarter and ultimately more satisfying to chill and wait before letting that key slide in and going for that naked, sweaty spin around the block.

Would you pay big money to go to a strip club where the fantastic plastic enhanced exotic dancer struts out from behind the velvet curtain and onto the runway already in their birthday suit?

No,  the tease is supposed to last a while, long enough for your exotic dancer to gyrate and do their thing in everyone’s face before finally shedding their outfit completely because the payoff at the end is worth it.

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The same applies in your private life; waiting is a single’s easiest way to accomplish foreplay without even trying.

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If a partner is given the chance to know you better, they’ll probably view you less as a grope-a-dope they met in a bar or club and more like a real person who they can chill out with after the shag is bagged.



The time to copulation in modern relationships has dropped significantly since our parent’s generation, but if you make it all about sex early on, when the thrill wears off, so will your partner’s enthusiasm for hanging with you…

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