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BTS’ Fake Love Passes 1 billion Views On Youtube

BTS’ Fake Love Passes 1 billion Views On Youtube

BTS’ Music Video ‘Fake Love’ Has Reached over 1 billion Views On Youtube

A Seven-member South Korean boys’ band, the Bangtan Boys, known for short as BTS, breaks yet another record again! 

The BTS Army joins BTS in jubilation as the music video of their song, “Fake Love,” surpasses 1 billion views on YouTube. This makes the fifth project to have more than 1 billion streams on YouTube. Aside from the huge views, the K-pop group has broken music records since it debuted in 2013.

Beginning with their groundbreaking single, Dynamite has surpassed 1.23billion YouTube views. The song has also broken international barriers. It became the first Korean music to peak at Billboard Chart, Spotify, and YouTube in 2020, breaking two-time Guinness World Records and earning Grammy Awards nomination.

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The next song to gain mind-blowing success is Boy with Luv, released in 2019. surpassing 1.3 million views on YouTube, the song won several nominations, including the MTV award for Best K-Pop Group, Mnet Asian Music Award’s Song of The Year, Golden Disc Award for Song of The Year, Best Music Video at iHeartRadio music awards, among others.

That notwithstanding, BTS has worked extensively to make landmarks in the world of music, pushing more and more over 1billion views, not forgetting the single DNA released in 2017, which has also received over 1.3 billion streams on YouTube.

DNA holds the Guinness World Record for most viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours, following the incredible 21million in just 24 hours. This was indeed a magnificent success for the pop kings.


BTS’ Music Video 'Fake Love' Has Reached over 1 billion Views On Youtube

The group is notable for its huge views on the most widely known music streaming platform, YouTube, and multiples weeks their songs keep on billboard music charts. Last but not the least is Mic Drop streamed a little over 1billion on YouTube. Nnetheless, the group can boast of 230 songs, including studio albums and Extended Plays (EPs). Other hit songs of the group are “No More Dream,” “Wings”, “Face Yourself”, “Spring Day”, “On”, “Fire, Blood, Sweat and Tears”, “Life Goes On,” “Butter” and “Black Swam.” 

The success of their music has given them a lot of endorsements locally and internationally, which contributes more to their popularity. These endorsement deals have helped promote their songs even as they also promote for the various companies and brands partnered with.

These brands range from sports wears, electronics, e-commerce, confectionaries, telecommunications, automobile, mobile phones, fintech, to mention a few.

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Their popularity can be summarised in the following awards categories; Most Viewers For A YouTube Premiere, Hours, Most-Streamed Song On Spotify In Its First 24 Hours, Most Viewed Music Video On YouTube In 24, and Most-Streamed Group On Spotify all records of Guinness World Records. 


The group has helped in humanitarian and philanthropic works aside from making loads of feats in the entrainment industry. They have contributed to the social, economic, and physical well-being of people through several charitable means. They collaborated with social agencies, including UNICEF, to support in cash and kind in cases like their Love Yourself Campaign Initiative, Covid-19 Pandemic, Black Lives Matter Campaign, Music Education, and a lot more.

BTS was officially formed in 2010. The group comprises seven young superstars Jungkook, V, Jimin, RM, J-Hope, Suga, and Jin, who exhibit unique flairs in songwriting, rapping, singing, and dancing. 

Hailing from South Korea, they gained publicity with their first hit single, “No more dream,” in 2013 under the management of renowned Korean entertainment company Big Hit Entertainment. Although the group is originally a Hip Hop group, their works have evolved to comprise a wide range of music genres, which has contributed immensely towards their milestone regardless of language barriers. 

The group has successfully sold over 20 million albums, topped several music charts, and won multiple accolades and international reconditions, making them the first Asian music group to gain worldwide recognition. BTS also has earned nicknames such as Sonyeodan, Beyond the Scene, and Bulletproof Boy Scouts 


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