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Celebs Who Give Back: Akon Expected In Rwanda

Celebs Who Give Back: Akon Expected In Rwanda

Akon Lighting Africa project: Akon is expected in Rwanda today to promote his Akon Lighting Africa Solar Power Initiative The Senegalese-American R&B/hip hop superstar, who spent much of his childhood in Senegal has seen firsthand that Africa has had little help to try to remedy its electrical situation….  


The Smack that singer will be travelling 10 African states with his business partners (Malian entrepreneur Samba Bathily, and Senegalese Thione Niang) to see what progress has been made on projects and to identify new areas for electrification so far.

The ‘Akon Lighting Africa project’, which has been in operation in less than a year has already launched initiatives in 14 African countries and aims to launch more in a further 11 countries by the end of 2016…. 

More about Akon’s Amazing ‘Akon Lighting Africa’ project here

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Akon Lighting Africa hopes to bring solar power to 1 million households….Well done Akon! Keep up the good work!


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