newsJames Robertson, the Detroit man,who walks 21 miles a day to and fro a suburban factory job was surprised with a new car at a local Ford dealership on Friday, 6th February, 2015.. his story became front page news when a complete stranger started a “GOFUNDME” for Robertson, which has now collected more than $300,000. The outpouring support continued and on that day, he was handed a new car at suburban Ford in sterling heights.

The 56 years old, was surprised and looked as if he might cry as he checked out his new red Taurus. Finally, a new ride for him since 1988, when his Honda Sedan broke down 10 years ago and he’s been using buses and his boots to get his job in Rochester Hills from his house in Detroit.. James says; whenever i step in, it will remind me of where i’ve been and where i’m goin right now…..

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