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Food For Thought

Food For Thought

Our ‘Food for thought’ is from multiple award-winning Nollywood Actress, Writer and Producer Iretiola Doyle! This quote is soo deep and true that we have added to our daily word list.

Daily Motivation

We believe most people can relate to the words below, Even though we don’t help others for them to keep thanking us, it is also nice to know that people not only see what you do or are doing for them, but for them to acknowledge the difference  you made in their  lives. Thank you goes a long way.

Gratitude And  Gratefulness

It is very true, showing gratitude or being grateful can open so many doors. So the next time ungratefulness sets in, just think about who gave you your first breakthrough as a singer, host, actor, actress, footballer, painter or what ever your occupation may be.



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