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George Floyd Tragic Death

George Floyd Tragic Death

GONE TOO SOON:  On Monday evening, May 25, George Floyd was arrested and killed by Minneapolis police officer on camera. The horrific death on camera was seen by the whole world. 

Former officer Derek Chauvin, had his knee trapped on his neck to the floor for nearly 9 minutes  whilst another ex officer Tou Thao looked on and 2 others held George Floyed.

The world, especially  black people watch in horror as

”May humanity never again perpetuate such injustice against humanity’

Floyed who was found stranded on the floor told the officer he couldn’t breathe several times in the video and was calling for his mother, begging they shouldn’t kill him and saying his neck hurt.

For about nine minutes under the oppressions of the police officers, Floyd was motionless and blood was flowing through his nose.

Even when Floyd was found unconscious with no pulse, Chauvin who was white was still kneeling on his neck.

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Sadly, 46-year-old black man died

The cruel nature of handling Mr Floyd’s case by the four ex- Minneapolis police officers has sparked unprecedented protests in about 50 cities in the US. 

Several countries across the world and public figures have joined the protesters through rallies to support the movement, “Black Lives Matter” because of the atrocities perpetuate towards black people



The Black Lives Matter movement saw people and celebrities across the world flooding social media with deep black square image with the hashtag,

“BlackoutTuesday” as way of mourning George Floyd and protesting against racism and police brutality on Tuesday June 02, 2020.

Many of our celebrities have reprimanded the act of the police officers, national leadership and expressed their disheartening feelings regarding his murder.

They have come together calling for justice for George Floyd and preaching against discrimination and injustice particularly against people of black descent.

The celebrities include, Former US President, Barrack Obama and wife Michelle Obama, Ghanaian president Nana Akuffo -Addo, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lebron James, Meghan Markel, lady Gaga among many more.

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Thursday, June 04, 2020, a private memorial service, led by Rev Al Sharpton, a civil rights activist was held in Minneapolis at North Central University.

The serviced was observed with 8 minutes 46 seconds’ silence, marking the last minutes he spent struggling to breathe.

Our thoughts and prayers are with George Floyed’s family and loved ones

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‘When Michael Jackson warned the world in 1995 when he released ‘they don’t care about us’ everyone said it was too controversial’



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