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Happy Birthday Serena Williams

Happy Birthday Serena Williams

Happy birthday to Serena Williams, the youngest of five siblings is a certified tennis player in the United States. She was born on September, 1981 in Saginaw, a city in Michigan, United States.


The American super talented and multiple award winning professional tennis player started playing tennis at a very tender age.


Nurturing her talent, Serena who was home schooling by her father began practicing the game with her elder sister, Venus on a court closer to their home in Los Angeles and was coached by their parents.


At the age of nine, Serena had developed great aptitude in her tennis tutorials which she went ahead to join a tennis academy founded by American veteran tennis player and coach, Rick Macci who spiced up her talent in the game.


Early 1995, her father decided to withdraw Serena and her sister from the tennis academy and coached both siblings at home.

Few months later, Serena who had turned fourteen years planned to enter into professional tennis tournament even though her parents wished she attained 16years before going professional.

She faced issues with qualification for her professional tournament due to her age at that time. As a result, losing her premier tournament with the Women’s Tennis Association which was supposed to qualify her into the professional team.

Serena was out of the game for one and half years before going back into the game again. She was able to win over 10 top players earning her 99th position at the end of 1997, after losing several matches.


By the end of 1999, Serena and her elder sister had engaged in several games and won professional titles including, the Open Gaz de France in Paris and the IGA Super thrift classic, a US national indoor championship tournament making them the first siblings to win professional competition.

For the first time in her profession in the year 2000, Serena successfully defeated higher ranked players including her sister and emerged as the overall best nationwide.

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During her first at the Australian Open tournament in 2003, she made it to semi-finals then to the grand finale making the fourth season of wins over her sister, Venus and received all grand slam single titles.

However, in that same year after several competitions, she got injured during her last tournament for the year. Serena halted her games for more than seven months before bouncing back in the year 2005.

Between 2005 and 2017, Serena with her undoubted determination, played a lot of games and won most of her tournaments even when the elder sister had withdrawn.

She’s currently holding 23 Grand Slam single titles and known for her position of the second- most of all time after retired tennis player, Margaret Court who won 24 grand slam single titles.

She also has a maximum of 14 titles with her sister in women’s double and 2 titles in mixed doubles. She is the third Black-American to be ranked as the first in women’s tennis professional worldwide in 2002….


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