Huge Congratulations to Dr. Fathia Ayodele Kareem! Hard work pays…Meet Dr. Fathia Ayodele Kareem, she has made history at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), she swept 12 awards out of the 14 awards!

Dr. Fathia Ayodele Kareem medical-doctor-grabbed-12-awards

Aged  just 25, the former Wesley Girls Senior High School student is now a ‘duodecuple ‘awards winner! According reports, no student at KNUST has ever achieved that before.

Dr. Fathia Ayodele Kareem worked very hard towards all her awards and was not too surprised she said “Yes and No..Yes because i worked hard by studying and no because i did not expect to receive these number of awards”, she said

Dr. Fathia Ayodele Kareem

We’re all very proud and happy for Dr. Fathia Ayodele Kareem! Such an inspiration to the youth especially  young girls…

Once again much RESPECT Dr. Fathia Ayodele Kareem!


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