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Kamala Harris Makes History As First Black Woman Vice President

Kamala Harris Makes History As First Black Woman Vice President

History has been made in the United States of America, following the Democratic party’s defeat against the Republican party which ruled for 4years under the leadership of president Donald Trump, making Kamala Harris who was the presidential running mate to the newly president-elect, Mr Joseph Biden Jnr. the first and only African American woman to rise to such a prestigious position of the nation’s highest office as a vice president.


This milestone of Kamala Harris has given great sense of hope to young women of colour around the globe not to give up on their desired dreams but with consistency and determination and at the right time, things will fall in place.


‘Being the first black woman to occupy such position doesn’t mean I will be the last’~Kamala Harris


Meaning there’s more room for women to push through despite the obstacles that come their ways and regardless of one’s gender climbing the top of the success ladder is highly possible.


People around the world including women in higher offices congratulated Harris for the barrier-breaking accomplishment as a first woman black woman. 

Former UN ambassador, Susan Rice applauded Harris in an interview with so much joy as she indicated that the victory would motivate young people worldwide because Harris has made all proud.


Prior to the US presidential elections, Senator Kamala Harris who was representing California state contested for the seat of presidency for the Democratic party during the party’s primary elections for 2020.

She later ditched the race due to some difficulties she encountered and was chosen by Mr. Joe Biden, the presidential candidate at the time as his running mate.


The two started working together to achieve a common goal as the party’s forerunners.

Bringing up prolific political ideologies that seeks to embrace the views and interest of the people of America irrespective of their ethnic backgrounds through campaigns and rallies.

Hence the success of this election has given the Democratic party another tenure to address the concerns of the citizens especially, the uprising racial injustice which remains one of the major issues in the United States.

The winning gap obviously shows that Americans wanted change.


Kamala Devi Harris was born on October 20, 1964, in Oakland, California to immigrant parents hailing from Jamaica and India. She attended the historically private black university in Washington, D.C, Howard University for four years.

From there, she also enrolled in the University of California where she gained a law degree. She started her profession as a deputy district attorney at the District Attorney’s Office in Alameda County, California.

As an American politician, she was elected in 2016 to the U.S. Senate as a Democrat where she began her first term representing California. She was the first Indian American to serve as a U.S. senator as well as the second African American woman. She was also the state’s attorney general from 2011 to 2017.

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