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Kibra’s releases new seductive love ballad ‘All That’

Kibra’s releases new seductive love ballad ‘All That’

Kibra’s releases new seductive love ballad ‘All That’

 Kibra debuts seductive new ballad produced and filmed in Ghana

Toronto-based singer-songwriter, Kibra’s latest release ‘All That’ gives off a burst of emotions and arrives alongside a video that embodies the special bond shared by two. ‘All That’ is available on all digital streaming platforms globally.

Produced by Steeze Yard Productions (3nity & Joey), ‘All That’ rocks an absorbing tone that is reminiscent of R&B classics of the early 2000s to much effect. It has Kibra’s sweet vocals draw listeners into a whirlpool of amorous melodies, brought to the fore by her unique style and above all, emotion-charged lyrics. Its accompanying visuals shot in Ghana by director, M. Abdul Majeed (Afrosinek) equally embrace a romantic ambience and gives #BlackLove an intrigue like never before, thanks to the charm of Kibra and her love interest.

Kibra’s releases new seductive love ballad ‘All That’

‘’All That is an ode to the people we love, expressing the endless reasons why we do. I am cautious to encourage a blind-love or toxic relationships in my music. I intentionally wrote the lyrics and melodies to give listeners an all-encompassing sense of the emotion behind the song, which hopefully inspires them to be with a person who makes them feel the same way’’, Kibra shares.

Kibra is an Eritrean-Canadian artist who currently resides in Toronto. She cites the likes of R&B sounds of the 90s and early 2000s as the biggest influences of her formative years and precursors of her unique sound – a hybrid blend of smooth R&B sounds and agile jazzy vocals. Kibra is ready to captivate fans of music worldwide with messages that give hope, inspire all forms of love and tackle social issues head on.

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She was in Ghana from December 2020 until June 2021, creating tons of music and shooting a number of music videos, as well, prompting more releases along the way.

Watch Kibra’s All that full video below


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