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Laws of Success…

Laws of Success…

You want something- what are you willing to pay for it?

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The greatest waste of emotion, Guilt

The Greatest Mistake— Giving Up

The greatest Blessing—Good Health

The greatest gamble- substituting hope for facts

The greatest Joy— Being Needed

The greatest opportunity- the next one

The greatest thought—God

The greatest victory—Victory over self.

The greatest handicap- ego

The greatest Loss—-Loss of Self Confidence

The greatest need— Common Sense

The best action— keeping the mind clear and judgment good

The biggest fool—The man who lies to himself.

The most potent force – Positive thinking

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The most certain thing in life – Change

The most intelligent Man – The one who does what he thinks is right.

The most rewarding play—Successful work

The most expensive indulgence—Hate

The most dangerous person—the liar

The most ridiculous trait— False Pride

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