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Microsoft increases investment in Ghana

Microsoft increases investment in Ghana

Otema Yirenkyi - Microsoft’s first female country manager on the African continentMicrosoft in partnership with Surfline Communications, a Ghana based telecommunications network provider, recently opened the country’s first Windows Zone at Surfline’s flagship store based in Osu, Accra.

This one-of-a-kind outlet provides consumers with the opportunity to experience and interact with a full suite of Microsoft products and services in a single store and gain insights on the benefits of using Windows.

Windows Zone showcases how people can use their multiple devices like laptops, tablets, and smart phones to bring personal computing into the ‘mobile-first and cloud-first era’.

This is a phrase Microsoft uses to describe its vision to enable people to complete tasks across a range of devices from anywhere, and at any time, making use of ‘the cloud’ to access and store files.

With Windows Zone, Microsoft is making it easier for Ghanaians to understand how they can use ICT to solve their day-to-day challenges, and highlighting how platforms like Windows 8.1 can provide an impressive and improved digital experience.

The store consists of two floors where customers can trial Windows devices including the Nokia product line and Microsoft’s productivity-enhancing software tools like Office 365, Lync and Note.

“The Windows Zone gives consumers a taste of how Microsoft’s hardware and software – or devices and services -work together to provide rich consumer experiences for all life and work scenarios, on screens of all sizes,” says Otema Yirenkyi, Country Manager for Microsoft Ghana.

In the 22 years that Microsoft has been operating in Africa, the company has been working to improve people’s lives by enabling them to reach their full potential through technology, including its new range of devices like the Nokia phones and modern versions of the Windows operating system.

Microsoft aims to empower people across the world to increasingly use technology to make lives easier.

“We want to help people in Ghana get work done, whether it’s term papers, financial planning, creating a malaria detection application, running a whole city – or just chatting to family and friends from all over the world.”

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According to the International Telecommunications Union report from 2013, Ghana has Africa’s highest mobile broadband penetration rate in Africa with 23% penetration in 2011.

And, Surfline Communications has officially launched the country’s first 4G LTE service, enabling more Ghanaians to participate in the cloud-first mobile-first era.

“We will use the Windows Zone to make sure people understand how mobile technology can improve their lives and help them solve business and personal challenges. In addition, we will use the space to conduct experiential tours with our partners and customers,” concludes Otema Yirenkyi, Microsoft’s first female country manager on the African continent.

Credits: Microsoft

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