Congratulations! Miyamoto Eriana has become the first Afro Asian to be crowned Miss Japan. The reigning queen will go forth as the first Afro Asian representative of the country in the Miss Universe pageant. Eriana was born to a black American father and a Japanese mother in Nagasaki. Miyamoto was a bit uncertain about how she will be received  because she is hafu, meaning by racial…
Newly Crowned Miss Universe Japan Criticized for Not Being Japanese Enough!  According to some reports, the Japanese culture, such a person is a “haafu,” is not true definition of Japan.  Japan is best known for being a homogeneous country with a tiny percentage of  other races.  However, whether people are happy or fuming the fact still remains Miyamoto Eriana is Japanese!
 “I thought ‘I wonder if a hafu like me would be okay’ ”  Miyamoto
Credit: Miss japan

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