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Mmaa Mmere…Nepa Nkoaa Streams On Sankofa Radio Every Wed….

Mmaa Mmere…Nepa Nkoaa Streams On Sankofa Radio Every Wed….

Meet Radio Presenter, Women’s Advocate, Mother and a Woman of Valor Tulip (Naa Amerley Tagoe).  Presenter Tulip discusses controversial issues affecting women in general on Mmaa Mmere – Nepa Nkoaa which streams on Sankofa Radio Every Wednesday from 7-9pm ET.

Tulip has dedicated herself to talk freely about issues that affect women in African Communities… she has been through terrible times more than her peers. She has been married, divorced, denied, accepted, disappointed, betrayed…

Naa Amerley Tagoe Naa Amerley Tagoe2jpg Tulip Naa Amerley Tagoe jpg

Tulipknows women fall but they rise if they want too, because of what she has been through she has refused to just around and see any woman repeat her mistakes. Tulip believes it would be senseless to see a woman cry over what could be prevented.

‘I do not hold back if it has to be said. I say ” lets talk ” lets face the truth, lets tell the truth. It doesn’t matter the area I will go. I go to areas that are sensitive for people to talk about. ” If you can laugh about it, deal with it…I am here because I know what a woman is made of, she is strong, she endures, could be in pain and still be able to smile. Knowing these qualities of a woman is why I do what I do.  Says Tulip

Can we talk? Lets face reality or the truth. Are we going to tell the truth or not? When I say lets talk I mean lets face the facts and lets be truthful. The truth would hurt. It would be undignifying but that is what makes us women. We are meant to face the truth and deal with it.  Ladies, Let’s Talk!!!!!!

Listen to Tulip on Sankofa Radio 7-9pm ET.  Visit radio app or just call 712-432-2873 from any phone

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