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Mysimax looking for new investors to support education rise in Africa

Mysimax looking for new investors to support education rise in Africa

MysimaxJ. X. PaulinBenjamin Franklin once said: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. However, while educational tools are always more innovative in developed countries, emerging economies have an urgent need for educational improvement at all levels.

Having made this alarming observation, some investors have decided to design a project that will contribute to this development in developing countries, especially in Africa. They are certain that the establishment of new technology is crucial for the improvement of education. Mysimax is a brand engaged in the development, production, and marketing of educative tablet PCs and mobile platforms in emerging markets.

What is Mysimax’s project?

Mysimax is based in China, and its purpose is to provide African students with high-technology. Mysimax also offers specific scholarship funds for African students. Mysimax will send students to the best universities in Shanghai, which will help develop a rapport between the two cultures.

Mysimax’s project in Africa can become an astounding first, a symbol of Africa’s opening up to the rest of the world. It will enable countries that use its products to lead the continent in the development of new technologies and to assume leadership in a new Africa.

How this kind of project can emerge in Africa?

Mysimax’s project also aims to provide access to technology for the whole society. This can only be possible through partnership with local investors or communities including governments, administrations, schools, and any organisations associated with public communities.

JX Paulin an entrepreneur with a vision for Africa

During his 20-year work experience in China, with a decade as an entrepreneur, JX Paulin spotted the impact technology can have on a country’s development. He was one of the few Europeans to believe in the growth of China as a world leading power even 20 years ago, and he perceives the very same potential in Africa today. This is why he created Mysimax to inspire and fight against knowledge poverty.

Enthusiasm of local partners

Overall, partner feedback have been very good, and interest in Mysimax’s project is very high.

The project already closed several deals with schools in different countries including AFRAM in Gabon, which represents more than 7,000 students who will soon be using this technology.

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How can Mysimax keep growing in Africa?

“So far, we have been self-funded. It was a good experience, because it gave us the freedom and flexibility we wanted to launch our forward thinking concept. Now that we have received interest from schools and government alike, we want to push the envelope. There is so much we can do in terms of knowledge input and sharing, health and safety programmes and so on. Raising funds will enable us to bring different actors into our company and widen our reach,” says JX Paulin.

While Afro-sceptics are wondering whether it’s the right time to enter the African market, many progressive businessmen, as Paulin, are already settling in the developing market. It is apparent that there are still some obstacles, which make it complicated to enter the market, including slowness and unwillingness of government authorities to recognise the need for technology and innovation. However, if foreign innovative companies manage to enter the market, the outcome will be rewarding for both countries’ development and entrepreneurs.

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